Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Christmas Stockings

Here is the picture I wanted to show everyone. I have been working on this before Sam was born; little by little I cross-stitch away so that my son and my husband will have their very own stockings, made from scratch, from the woman they love so dearly. Sam's stocking is hardly perfect, actually there are many mistakes, but to the onlooker that hasn't studied the pattern no one would ever know. I've pricked my finger and cursed this very involved stocking, but, picking it back up none the less because I am so proud that I'm doing this with my own two hands.




My Mom worked many years to give her family a stocking of their own, which she allows us kids to take with us when we move on. I too wanted her to teach me her art, so the tradition can continue; and maybe if we are blessed enough to have a daughter, she will also want her mother to teach her how to cross-stitch. My Christmas stocking however is not the only thing I treasure that my Mom has made for me. She made me a great quilt, made with great love, and I will continue to use it with great pride so that I can feel her embrace wrapped around my family.

It's funny how receiving homemade gifts as a child can almost make you feel embarrassed; after all it would be a disaster to wear something that wasn't brand name! (Kidding of course, but that is how it is going these days.) As we age we hold close and treasure the homemade gifts. I will always feel my mother in my quilt and in my stocking, as Sam will feel me. Sam will remember his Grandma K. by the softest blue bear security blanky, and Joel will feel his mother in the jean quilt that she made for him. Some people ask, "Why use the quilts and not keep them put up in a box?" Well, how can anyone enjoy something that is kept out of sight and not used for the sole purpose of why it was made?

Each child makes treasure that last a lifetime for their parents. I see the Santa of clay (or what ever material it was) I made for my Mom every Christmas carefully tucked away under a glass dome, a picture of hand prints myself and my brothers made for her hanging in the laundry room, etc. Soon I'll have the chance to receive the treasures of a child, and will hold on to them tightly.

NEWS FLASH: Samuel crawled across the living room twice last Sunday and it was a mighty cute waddle.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Not Happy

Woe is I. Right now the military systems are absolutely driving me batty! I now know why the acronyme NAVY is what it is (Never Again Volunteer Yourself)and it's because even the higher ranking advisers can't get truthful and honest answers from personnel at the hospital. I have been in the process of waiting for a response telling me to separate early from the military, and was told that my memo had been sent out to BUPERS aka the big dogs of sailor's destinies; to find out this week my HM1 had been blatantly lied to. My papers are still some where in the hospital, which translates to me not knowing by the end of this month what our plans are. ERRRRR. I can't even express my distaste right now of the whole matter, and the sad thing is is that I'm not surprised either. Unless you plan to stay in the military the whole darn thing is just ridiculous! I'm glad I had the opportunity for the experience and all the things I have learned; but frankly I'm ready to move on and to enjoy my child, my husband, and life to its fullest. For all you people thinking to yourself, things can come up even if you're not in the military, and sometimes you need to do things on a moments notice, I know that and don't really need to hear it from anyone else. I may sound like a smarty pants but take it as you wish, there are some things that don't need commenting on. In most cases I can see both sides of a situation and do not need reminding of them. Enough of that.

Samuel is getting ready to go through another illness, hopefully only being a cold, and I really feel for the kid. Damn that incubator of illnesses daycare. I guess if it weren't now it would be in grade school, etc. He is becoming quite the prodigy if I say so myself ;-)I have taught him to push the button on his "ball shooter" toy, working with him on putting the right shapes into the right holes on his little pot, and I am trying to teach him some sign language; however he just sits and smiles at me when I'm signing. He's probably thinking, "What the heck is Mommy trying to do? Does she need to work on her muscle development so that her arm and hands are spazing out? I guess I'll impress her with a smile and pretend that I know what she is trying to do."

In the mean time when I'm done with school work and Sam is napping, I have been reading the book Angels and Demons, and working on the never ending Christmas stocking for Samuel. I guess I really know how to pick out the good ones. The Christmas tree alone has about 6-7 different shades of green in it. And once that is complete I start right away on Joel's. I did want to post a picture of it but I'll do that Tuesday. The weather is beautiful right now 42 degrees and I'm loving it. I'm beyond ready to wash my car and to start grilling again, not to mention get my lovely petunia hanging baskets. I'm ready to breath in some fresh air and get the family outside walking the little neighborhoods that surround our complex. Ahhh, a beautiful dream that is maybe a month away. Anyway the grumbles of my stomach are telling me it's time for lunch and to start preparing dinner in the crock pot. Speciality pork chops tonight, and I can't wait!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

A little bit of everything

Well Samuel got his first tooth and is working on his second. I was able to get a picture of his tooth from him smiling big for the camera. Sam is also working on waving bye-bye and has started pulling himself up to certain objects in the apartment. He has taken two crawling steps, but has yet to do it again. I think he figures army crawling is a safer way to get around. He is now enjoying Gerber's Puff cereal where he can practice chewing like a big boy, which he loves doing! He looks so proud while he's chomping away. Yesterday I found the guts to go for a major hair change. I had not cut it short in almost 5 years and decided that it was time for a change. I'm still not sure how I feel about it, but it is much too late to change my mind.
The weather up here is bitter cold, and while I'm at the computer typing I'm staring at a thick layer of frost around out bedroom window. It is a whopping -4 degrees right now and it is almost 11 o'clock in the morning. Geesh! Some pictures below are of Sam getting ready for a bath, acting silly, and showing off his preppy outfit. Damn cute, and there isn't another way to put it.