Saturday, February 28, 2009

More Snow

Although I wasn't terribly happy about seeing snow this 28th of February, Sam was very excited as he looked out the sliding glass door. "Mommy! Look! Snow outside...." he said. Yes, there sure is snow outside, and not just a dusting but more like 3 inches of snow. We just aren't quite over the hump of transitioning into Spring, but I know that we all long for it. Winter is all fine and dandy through the holiday season but once all festivities have stopped I'm ready to not be cooped up in the house. Oh well, I guess it was a semi-fun event considering Sam had yet to use his winter gear that we bought him back in November. This snow was a pretty powdery snow that packed great snow balls but lacked the moisture to make a good snow man. I tried to show Sam how to make a snow angel but he got mad at me as I nudged him into the snow so he could make one. Instead he was perfectly happy just walking around kicking the snow. I was surprised at just how long he wanted to stay out and I was the one that coaxed him back inside with the idea of hot chocolate. So thank you Mother Nature for the pretty snow and please let this be the last until the next holiday season.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I have to say, the second time around for a hair cut went much better than the first. There was no uncontrollable sobbing, reaching out in desperation or me having to paw both sides of his face so that he couldn't move an inch. No, this time Isaac didn't cry one bit. He sat much better this time around, although still far from not moving at all. This time I suggested bringing down a couple cookies that may distract him in the process and that is exactly where he fed all his anxiety and fear. If the cookie was not in his mouth or some part of it then there was going to be a break down.

Grandpa always does such a nice job with the boys' hair. Not only has he always cut his own sons' hair he has cut all of his grandsons' hair and now his great grandsons' hair. I would say the man has some experience, but when the littlest of ones decide to make a quick move things could potentially get ugly. :o) I requested that Isaac had short hair on the sides and back and then slightly longer on the top, but because of forces Grandpa could not control as he went in for the trim up top Isaac chose to see where exactly Grandpa was going with the clippers. "Oops," Grandpa said, "I don't think I'm going to be able to do what I was trying to do anymore." We all chuckled and I told Grandpa to just go ahead and buzz him. How horrible could he look? Turns out not horrible at all. Isaac has such the cutest little head it doesn't matter if he has hair or not, cute as a button. This buzz cut on Isaac has a striking resemblance to my Dad when he was a little boy; memories that I don't recall but my Grandma does.

I think we'll keep the timeless classic of the buzz through the summer for easy clean up and will try the high and tight when the cold rolls back in. So here is to summer and the traditional buzz to celebrate it!

Walking my Snoopy

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Can you tell how proud he is? He has been so good about going potty that today I took him out to buy his favorite undies. The ones that you see in the picture were not the ones that he picked out, but yes I did buy the ones he chose, but I also bought these for my amusement. Boxer briefs for little boys are hilarious, I love 'em! Sam ran around the house a couple times once he had them on and told his Daddy that they make him run faster. :o) Such the story of a little boy usually goes. 6 days and going strong. Great Job Sam!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Poo Poo TWO days in a row!

That's right folks, my son Samuel has finally decided all on his own that he wants to wear the super cool big boy undies in his drawer! We have had two successful days of pooping on the potty and so far today we have had no accidents. Yeah, he might want to go potty every 5 minutes, then flush the toilet, then wash his hands.....etc......but it is all worth it. I have been so lazy in helping him advance in this area that I can't believe that all on his own he decided this is what he wants to do. Maybe it is the quarters that are making the difference, or the M&M's, or the new Hot Wheel cars but what ever the motivation it is working. Most of the time, unless he makes a poo poo, he doesn't even ask for a prize. Just another milestone that reminds me that my little boy is growing up into a young man. I'll tell ya what though, nothing beats his cute little buns in his big boy undies! Now if Sam could only help motivate Isaac to potty train by 18 months then that would be awesome, preferably before the new baby comes. :o)

I actually can't believe how easy it has been. The transition happened so fast and so easy that I'm still baffled by it. I know we are early on in the game but I can't complain. I am truly lucky to have good sleepers, good eaters, and now good potty trainers.

Just like a man! :0)