Thursday, July 05, 2007

Good and the Bad

Some of my most favorite times watching my son is in the bathtub. Squirty toys fly through the air shooting their streams of water followed by a quick dive underneath for much needed refills. Samuel shows his excitement through giggles as the water hits his chest. Gliding along the side of the tub are his turtles, each with their own visual uniqueness that Sam is eager to point out. Most of all he loves to splash! He starts out with little splashes; looking at me as if asking what he's doing is alright, then moves on to the mother load of splashes. Water gets in his face, he rubs his eyes, then turns to me with the most beautiful smile I've ever seen.
Not only do these splashes send water in all directions, but starts various tidal waves that can make the unprepared mommy nervous if she isn't in her "water" gear. Sometimes he wants to scoot his toosh around the tub chasing his bath toys, but he is stopped in his tracks as I put his booty back on his non-slip froggies and Lilly pads. I often wonder what he is thinking playing in the tub and remember the adventures I used to have. I always want to make time to play with Sam during the day when he gets older, even if it is only 30 minutes. Who knows how long he'll want me to play with him? After all, house work can always wait...Sam will grow up all to quickly.

When he isn't being my sweet little hunk of love, Sam is starting to develop quite the little temper. If things aren't going Sam's way you get the look of death, which I'm sure is the same look I give him if he is doing something naughty. However with this look from him, comes a big smile from me, which I try and hide. I'm sorry but when your boy is so darn cute it is tougher than nails to stand your ground in a strict manner. Somehow Joel and I still manage to lay down the law when needed...and yes, at this point Samuel definitely knows what he's doing is naughty!