Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Puppy Love

As many of you may know, Isaac is my tender hearted boy, and Lord help us he loves his "puppy" that his Grandma K made him. If any of you remember Linus from Charlie Brown he would be the spittin' image!

He drags that thing ALL OVER. Finally, the other day I HAD to wash that thing, and thinking that it would be less painful by having him throw it into the washing machine didn't go as well as I had planned. 

Trying to explain to a 2 year old that his puppy needed to get a bubble bath because he was dirty went well until the click of the washing machine door confirmed he wasn't getting it out. Here came the crocodile tears. Oh my! Luckily our new washing machine has a speed wash cycle so the mental breakdown only had to last 18 minutes. (I wish dropshots was working properly because I have hilarious video of the mental breakdown....I'll try again later.)

(See Sam's "art work" all over our new washing machine? Where he found a Sharpe marker I DON'T KNOW, but luckily I know how to remove the 'permanent' markings)

Yup. Your 'puppy' is still in there!

Grandma K..... we may need a back up for times like these! :o)

Caroline's Food Breakdown

Seeing the food and mommy not getting organized fast enough

Signaling she wants a bite!

Happy for a split second after a bite.

Thoroughly peeved after 3 JARS of baby food are gone!

This is how my lunch time goes everyday, but wouldn't change it for the world. :o)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Flowers Make Me Happy

Don't you just love tulips? Tulips are my favorite flower, though depressingly short lived, I love how cheery they are. They scream for your attention with their knock-out colors and stand so tall and proud. If only I could grow them year round, it would surely cure some of the winter blues in January when you are more than ready for Jack Frost to get the heck outta dodge!

These tulips are from my own yard. I'm proud. The other day when I was engrossed in house cleaning, I stood up from picking something up off of the floor, and noticed how the sunlight was hitting the vase of tulips. Stunning! It is in those quiet moments that I know God is smiling down on me and my family.


Don't you feel it?

How about now?

Close your eyes. Breath. Be still. 

Now look!

I feel peace. I feel overwhelming love.

I feel God right next to me. Amazing!

This next little group are pictures of my bleeding heart my Grandma bought me. Isn't it beautiful? It was precious the first year, but with a little patience and care, this year it is spoiling me with blooms all over! 

Bleeding Heart Bush

Look how my pansies have grown!

Some of you may be getting tired of all my foliage pictures instead of pictures of my kiddies, but with everything turning out so beautiful I can't resist. For those of you needing your baby fix here are a couple of Caroline after a bubble bath. 

Sweet Girl Wrapped up Snug :o)

These next two were took purposefully to match a picture that was taken of me when I was Caroline's age. It's amazing how much she looks like me. I'll try and post compare/contrast pictures later. 

Caroline 7 1/2 months

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Bubbles O Fun

Aren't you so happy that the weather has finally gotten warm enough to enjoy the great outdoors? We are too! The kiddies couldn't of been more excited to break out their bubble maker machine that had been in hibernation in the garage. Tootsie was just excited to enjoy the slight breeze with her mama sitting on the deck watching those crazy boys! If Caroline's chubby chunkers don't make you want to kiss her all over I don't know what will. :o) Did I mention she is 7 months and gorgeous already? Here are some pictures shot that day.

Boys and Bubbles

run away, run away!

I'll save you!

wait....for it....

Get THEM!!!

Happy Wednesday!