Thursday, July 30, 2009

Something for you?

I have ventured into the wonderful world of jewelry stamping and charm making. If anyone who reads this blog would like me to make them something that is unique and one of a kind I would gladly do so! These are just some examples of what I can do. 

Circles layered or by themselves are the most popular with names, dates, etc. stamped on them. Everything you see here is sterling silver but I can also accommodate gold, copper, and nickel if you prefer those. Feel free to mix and match metals, shapes, textures, and sizes. I can spell anything and put any number. My specialty stamps include a leaf, baby foot, heart with wings, basketball, football, small/large asterisk and snowflake. Hopefully next week I'll include a bird stamp, baseball, and cross. Little by little I'm adding to my collection! 

Converse with me about what you would like and I can tell you the charge for your custom unique piece! 

Monday, July 27, 2009

MIsc. Pictures

Joel and I at a Family Wedding

Watching a Movie Together

Taking Time to Cheese

Wagon Ride!!

Okay honestly I have just been getting burnt out on dealing with my blog, hence the long break. I hope you have liked some of the updated photos. Isaac is saying more words day after day and has started to actively play with his brother, which has been fun to watch. Samuel is completely potty trained and has been for quite some time. The next transition will be moving Isaac into Sam's bed this week in order to get ready for baby #3. I'm not due until Sept. 8, but I have already been having some contractions. :o) I'm huge, get out of breath, and am exhausted so finally after 4 years of marriage and 3 of those years of being pregnant I'm ready to have my body be mine. I'm hoping I'll get the motivation to lose this body weight that I have gained over three children although others would probably tell me I'm crazy. 

We have done lots of work on the house; adding a new front porch railing and framing out the heater since the people that previously lived in this house didn't understand how to make anything look decent. Thanks for the help Dad! I have painted our mud room, hung up my shelf that will help with organization of scrap booking goodies and my stamped jewelry materials. Joel is turning into my regular handy man and has recently bought himself a new electric sliding miter saw! I'm so excited that soon we will be able to do our own projects without help but in the mean time am very thankful that he has a patient teacher. :o) The baby's room is finally taking on the look of a decorated baby room, and we are putting down new baseboard in our room along with new crown molding. Our room has been the "catch all" for too long and it will be so nice to have a beautiful relaxing room that Joel and I deserve. 

My over-grown  garden keeps me busy and it is almost time for making homemade salsa! Yesterday I picked an entire big beach bag full of zucchini, squash, cucumbers, 3 different kinds of tomatoes, green beans, and jalapeno peppers. Next year I know not to be so eager to use the whole pack of seeds. :o) In fact, we have soooo much, I thought of having Joel make me a little farmer's market stand so that I can sit out front in our yard selling some of our produce. LOL. 

We are also in the process of selling our Volkswagen Passat, which I'm just sick about, but having three kids forces you to upgrade to a larger car. I think it should be standard in all sedans that the car should be wide enough to accommodate 3 car seats in the back row! 

That is our story right now. Not too much new except waiting for our third miracle. Which hopefully will wait until after my birthday and our wedding anniversary at the beginning of August. I can't promise that I'll update this on a weekly basis before the baby but I'll try to make it shorter than the couple months that have gone by.