Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Scarecrow Night

I must say that Samuel is the cutest scarecrow that I have ever seen. Even with his makeup somewhat askew and his spiky hair in lieu of a hat (because he won't wear one) he did such a good job. Here I thought that there was going to be a major battle to get him to participate, but the toughest part was just getting his shoes tied. Who would of thought?

Our first house was at Uncle Keith and Aunt Kathy's house, where he was still just a newbie. When Uncle Keith tried to put candy in Sam's pail, Sam quickly dropped the pail on the ground with his hands held out to receive the candy. Oh well. We got it all figured out by the next house. Off to Grandma and Grandpa Kellen's house! Here there was already a premade goodie bag for him filled with treats and Crayola ToDoodles. Laughs were shared about how cute he was, and we were trying to keep all of his stuffing in place.

House number three was off to Grandma and Grandpa Ledom's house. Here Sam held out his Halloween tub accepted the treats until he saw the BIG bowl of treats sitting on the ottoman in the living room. Once that was spotted Sam helped himself to the candy, taking one big handful at a time and placing it into his tub until it was kid!

From there we ventured out to a couple other houses where Sam accepted more candy and then tried to help himself inside the nice lady's house, and for the next one he wanted inside to pet the doggie. Good grief. Either way this Halloween was so much fun and I can't wait for next year where he should really get into it, and not to mention his new side kick that will be 9 months old. Oh goodness.

I hope everyone had a wonderful night. Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

What's New?

Well folks I'm not sure what to tell you about Sam right now, because I have been finishing up school and now I am very proud to announce that I am finally a college graduate! I do have some pictures that I want to share, so enjoy.

These pictures are before our nightly walk after dinner. Samuel loves his mittens and his new stocking cap; which makes things much easier for me...there is no fighting to get these items on! Yea!

This year's trip to the Shaake's pumpkin patch was a success. Samuel enjoyed the open space to search for his perfect pumpkin. He tried to pick up a few, but needed Daddy's assitance. Our yearly pumpkin carving will happen this weekend.

Sam also has started to take a personal liking to baby powder after each changing. These pictures show what can happen when Daddy forgets to close the baby powder. Oops!

We also ventured out to the Maple Leaf festival in Baldwin Kansas where Great Auntie Kathy and Great Uncie Al had a gathering. There were pony rides and Sam loved his pony!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Rock Chalk Jayhawk

I may be little but I'm a BIG Jayhawk fan!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Filling Daddy's Shoes

Samuel is crazy about shoes. He goes to the shoe basket every single day and drags EVERY shoe through the hall, into the living room, and maybe if I'm lucky he drags them all the way back to the shoe basket.

Sam has tried to walk in my flip flops and today he tried to step into my heals; but what I find most adorable is Sam wanting to wear his Daddy's shoes. The size 12 shoe only allows him to wear one at a time, and even then he is grabbing for objects to help him along with his walk; as Joel and I will with him in his journey of growing up. Sam stands in his Daddy's shoes and I wonder what he'll be when he grows up, and then I think that one day Sam will put on his Dad's shoes wonder if he could possibly be just like his Daddy. I couldn't wish for anything better for him. Joel and I have been through a lot together and I can attest to him being a fantastic man; and I have been lucky enough to call him mine. I have enjoyed our journey thus far and can only imagine the memories that are yet to come. I love you Joel, and wouldn't change anything for the world because we wouldn't have the relationship we do now without the good and the bad times. It is all worth while with you by my side.