Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tights and Cardigans

At this stage of my motherhood and Caroline's age, I have decided that I'm in love with all girl accessories to embellish her in, tights and cardigan sweaters are just some of my favorites! I bought her about 6 different little cardigan sweaters (from a secret store) for her to wear a few weeks back and now I'm adding tights to the list. These pictured were a gift from grandma, who just couldn't resist.

Here is one of the cardigan sweaters that I found. Isn't it sweet? Little flowers along the bottom edge and in the sweetest colors!

My next favorite thing to dress Caroline up with are barrettes! I have a friend who makes "Little Adaline" barrettes and the are just precious and starting at $8. These cute boutique barrettes would go for $12 in stores! If you are interested please let me know and Kim would be thrilled to send you pictures of her inventory. Great for baby - 7 years old!

Happy Tuesday! Pictures of Caroline's finished girly room coming VERY soon! YAY!

Cheers~ Amber

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Isaac!

We have a birthday in the house!

My dear sweet Isaac ~

A whole two years! Wow! You are my sweet spot in the middle, my cuddly punky-do... how I love you!   Isaac, you are mister expressive eyes and when you raise your eyebrows you still get a small furrow of wrinkles on your forehead, just as you did when you were a baby, one of my first favorite things about you.

In this picture you were a whole 7 days old. I knew you would have a big impact on our family but couldn't quite grasp what type of little boy you would turn into.

3 Months

At just 3 months you were the twinkle in our eye - the center of attention. You were new, squeezable, adorable, perfect!

On The Go!

I can't believe that when we moved into our first house that you were still in the baby car seat, still dependent on mommy and daddy. It is our house now that you first learned how to be on the move. What a big boy!

100% Personality

Your sweet face and warm disposition are intoxicating. Once people are around you they just can't get enough. Who could resist those bright baby blues and those chipmunk cheeks?

Becoming Mr. Independent...OR rather Mr. Ornery but only 20% of the time....right? ;-)

At this point in your life you are putting together a few words at a time to form a sentence, jumping off the ground with both feet, getting a mouthful of teeth (FINALLY!) and managing to do so without being irritable, counting 1-2-3 in the correct order, coloring (without eating the crayons), still a snuggler (please keep this up for as long as you can, I l-o-v-e it!), eating with utensils and actually getting the food in your mouth without help, obsessed with your pant legs being over your shoe laces, throwing balls, giving pay back to Samuel for all the times he was a bit rotten to you :o) and being the wonderful warm hearted boy that you are. I'm so happy that I get to be your mommy and that you get to be my son. One of the three best gifts God could have given me!

We Love You!

Love ~ Mommy

Friday, January 08, 2010

Christmas 2009


We were such good boys we would really love some cool new bikes!

And what ever you feel we deserve would be just fine.....but Rescue Heros, popsicles, new shoes, dinosaurs, planes, cars, and trains would be pretty sweet!

Mommy...what exactly is going on?

The Kellen's hope that your Christmas was as blessed and as full of memories like ours!