Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Last of St. Louis

By now I'm sure you are all tired of this long drawn out process of our St. Louis trip that happened months ago. :O) So with a break from the action we'll wrap it up mmmmk pumpkin?

If you get a chance to stop by college city and eat at Blueberry Hill - DO! I've never been in a place with such a cool atmosphere  Loaded with ephemera, vintage jute boxes, miscellaneous taxidermy work of all shapes and sizes, and the overall glow about the restaurant was just awesome! This place would be a regular for this gal if not bound by 3 children 4 years of age and under.

Blueberry Hill

The wall right behind our table

The Dart Room to our side

Vintage goodies behind me

All excited to be there

After all the fun, it was time to pack up shop and head out to our last destination: Grants Farm!

One of my Favorite Pictures!

Gearing up on the Grant's Farm Tram

The Usual Hungry Goats

Can't have a vacation without some sort of poop situation

The boys touched this HUGE snake

Grant's Farm completed with snow cones and free beer for mommy and daddy! :o)

That will conclude our St. Louis trip. If you're lucky maybe I'll get around to posting pictures of my sweet Caroline's 1st birthday party! :o)


Friday, September 10, 2010

Cont'd....St. Louis ZOO

After eating breakfast we headed across the street to the St. Louis Zoo. Due to the sweltering heat and humidity level so high you could cut it with a knife, there wasn't a whole lot of animals to see. Most were hidden away in their shaded areas, which just happened to be furthest away from the railings as possible! Why is that? People go to the zoo to see animals, and during the summer you know it is going to be hotter than Hades, so why not make their shaded areas closer to where people can see and facing towards the crowd? Irritating! Especially irritating when parents with young children are trying to distract them from the gawd awful heat!

Our first successful animal: The Elephants

Joel amusing himself in the zoo with NO visible animals

Next big hit: The Giraffes!

Thank goodness for Sting Ray Bay! The boys and I touched real sting rays...

Did I mention that the St. Louis zoo just happens to be all up-hill? So not only do you get to sweat like a pig because of the weather you also get to push your kids up the hill both ways in the gawd awful heat. See how amused we are? 
(well, Sam seems amused)

On the way out we saw some more shade bathing animals.

King of the Jungle

We left the zoo a little disappointed, with tired sweaty kids, and feeling ready to take a shower!
Vacation 2010 to be cont'd....