Monday, April 23, 2007

At Long Last

The hectic and unstructured Kellen household is finally coming into a routine, which Joel and I are both happy about. Who knew that almost 5 years of having a set routine to my day, would make me want to have that structure again... even when I don't have to?! All the boxes have been dug through and thrown away, and every item has once again found itself a home. With the project of moving out of the way I can now devote more time for blogging, scrap booking, reading, biking, swimming, and homework again. It feels great, I'm not going to lie. My past Mexican Train Dominoe games have carried over to my cousin Sarah and her hubby Travis, my family, and Joel's family. Once again I have my Domino fix! ;-) We still search for a lovely couple to play Euchre with us, and miss our dear friends Meeghan and Raymond very much!

The weather has been near perfect here in Overland Park, and Wal-Mart finally has their beautiful Petunia hanging baskets out. I bought 4! They are so full and pretty, and add more character to our patio then anyone else's.

Easter came and went in a flash. We spent the morning with Joel's family, and the afternoon with my family. We attempted to have Samuel participate in the long anticipated Easter egg hunt, but he passed it off as boring, while he threw his lone egg as far as he could. Oh well! The Easter bunny left some goodies for both of my men. Samuel got Fox and the Hound Dog DVD and some huge legos to enjoy.

Joel is enjoying his new grill, Nerf shot gun (I swear...), and some PB eggs.

Samuel is daring to stand by himself for seconds at a time, and has even taken 3 falling steps towards me! He will be off one day, and that is when my exercise program really starts. Yesterday we had our first big bump on our head, the picture doesn't do it justice, but he hardly cried just as a tough guy should.

He is extremely proud about giving hi-fives, drinking from a straw, and walking alone with his walker. I can hardly believe that my once helpless baby is turning 1 year old next month. May 18th passed and has come around again so fast I feel I have barely had enough time to breath. Hopefully his 1st birthday party will be a hit, just like his first year of life. I think I might be getting another baby itch here soon...we'll see I guess.

Joel found a job at Lansing Trade Group and is excited about where the company is going. His title is a merchandising trade assistant, where he does all the accounting work for the traders in cotton. Hopefully our future is promising, and we can continue basking in the goodness of life.

As some have pointed out to me my beloved Jayhawks didn't make it to the final 4, but just remember (you people who should not be named) next year a butt kicking is in order. BRING ON THE BRACKETS!

Here is our new place with the newest member of the family - GUS -(4 mo. yorkipoo

I Promise

OK folks, I promise that more pictures are to come today or tomorrow. We finally aren't so busy and school for me has slowed down. My routine of my day will now consist of better blogging.

Happy days are ahead!