Thursday, December 20, 2007

Santa's Munchkin

A couple of weeks ago we ventured out to the mall so that Samuel could have his first experience visiting with Santa. I was expecting bawling and desperate attempts of reaching out for me while Sam was in Santa's lap, but instead there was silence. Samuel waved to Santa as I sat him down on his lap and Sam just stared. Santa's Elves were snapping pictures trying to get one of Sam smiling; however there were only nervous stares coming back their way. Then I saw the perfect moment, Samuel was gazing up at Santa and Santa was shooting Samuel a smile back letting him know everything was alright. This wasn't a cheap looking Santa but one who looked like the real deal, the one all children dream about. He had a real long white beard, glasses, and the warmest most friendliest face. It was so cute so I wanted to share that picture with everyone.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Buddies & other stuff

Samuel and I really enjoyed having Becca and Normy over for a play date. I was surprised to see that they hit it off right away. Sam was a little confused at why some other kid started playing with his toys immediately, but sharing wasn't really an issue. Instead the boys loved running through the vertical blinds and starting to play with the pillows on the couch. Giggles were loud and long. It is so nice that the boys are finally old enough to play together.

Here are some photos of Sam trying to pick out a good Christmas tree.

We can't wait for the holidays this year and there is hardly any waiting left. I've already started doing holiday goodies and all my Christmas shopping is done. The house is put together in holiday decorations and our tree looks beautiful all lit up with the gifts snug under the tree. And besides all the hustle and bustle we are still waiting for our newest addition to our family that isn't supposed to arrive until Jan 22nd, but I have a feeling Isaac may come earlier than expected. What a new year it will be!