Monday, March 26, 2007

Click your heels 3 Times

Wow. A week has gone by already being here in Kansas. Our new place is starting to feel like a home and there are only a few more straggling boxes lying around. One big box in particular in Sam's room.

The weather here is about 10 degrees better than it is in Chicago, and believe me, I don't miss the weather in Chicago. Our place is actually on ground level where as before we could peer out across the pond and the parking lot in our old place. See, even Melvyn and Sam are wondering what's going on.

Our town home is in a great location. We have plenty of restaurants to choose from, Town Center Plaza (like the Old Orchard shopping center), and grocery stores. I never thought that it would feel so weird to be back. I guess after living up there and seeing the same people everyday, everything really grows on you. I miss it. Well, let me rephrase that, I miss the people. I miss Dominoes with my wacky IH friends, and seeing all their friendly smiling faces, and I miss the few Navy people I talked to often. Joel and I weren't as lucky to keep in good contact with old high school friends, but I'm sure that I have made some life long ones in the Navy, whether them being Navy or IH. Don't worry Meeghan and Raymond I haven't forgotten about you either! We will truly miss our card and upside down margarita nights! Can't wait til you come and visit. For the ones that know who you are my dear lifelong friends.

I'll post pictures of our new place once it isn't so messy. Check back in a couple days. For now check out our daring, assisted walking/standing, man!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Anchors Away


More to come if I have time.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Diggen for Eggs


What do we have here?

Is this an Easter egg?

YES, YES, it is an Easter egg! I sure hope the Easter Bunny doesn't pass me by!

I guess if I don't want to get in trouble I better just spend some more time in my toy basket. Yup, I can't even get out of here to cause problems. I can't wait for my Grandmas and Grandpas to come visit, I have lots of new tricks to show off. I hope they can catch me!