Monday, May 26, 2008

Bubbles and Water

I don't know about all other children, but water and bubbles are a huge highlight for Sam this summer. Yesterday was finally the time to play outside all day in water and bubbles. This was the perfect opportunity for me to use some different options on my camera; I mastered the continuous shot, so I was able to capture some really good facial expressions on Sam!

Okay I'm ready!

I can do my bubble gun all by myself!

The get together was at Auntie Kathy and Uncie Al's house. All took advantage of the breezy front porch and shaded yard during the day, and like always we were in good company with good food!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Beginning and an End

Well on the 18th was Sam's second birthday; which I can hardly believe that my sweet little baby is that big, and it was also my little brother's graduation (although he is hardly little anymore). Sam is still just at the beginning of his adventures and Charlie has completed one of his.

We had a really nice time and the weather was just perfect for being outside all day, and I'm sure you can guess who was the most excited about being outside! :-)

This was also a good opportunity to get an updated shot of Joel and I. Sometimes I forget to take pictures that have us in them as well.

For Sam's birthday he got decked out in sports gear. One of his most favorite things is his helmet, and he looks stinkin' cute in it too! He also got a cool tee ball set, batting gloves, baseball glove, arm band, cute cute clothes, money, etc. For only being 2 he made out pretty dang good!

Yes, that day was full of good food, good friend/family and good weather. Who could want anymore than that?

Congratulations Charlie!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Try at Cereal

Little by little Isaac is getting the hang of controlling his tongue so that he can swallow his cereal instead of pushing it back out. Formula doesn't stick around long in this house so I'm hoping by supplementing in some cereal will help our little toady slow down. I thought the 'eating out of house and home' didn't start until they were teenagers? What can I say, the boy loves his food! :-)

These are some pictures in his summer attire; can anyone say bring on summer time?!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Little Seat Little Boy

There is always something pleasing to my eye when it comes to fresh cut grass after it has been so long. Today the mowers came and Sam loves to run from window to window to see what they are doing. I was lucky enough to catch a snap shot of him gazing out his bedroom window. How cute is my kid? I can't get enough of him, and he can make the rainiest of days bright for me!

Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit

May 4th, 2008 Isaac James Kellen was baptized at Prince of Peace church at 1:00 p.m. with family and friends present. Raymond, Meeghan and Jessica are the God parents and everyone looked great! With both of my babies, there is just something about a baptism that makes me get teary eyed. I can truly feel Christ's presence and am moved knowing that God is holding my baby in his arms.

Isaac wasn't thrilled about the chilly temperature of the holy water, can you tell?

Anyway, after the baptism we had a small gathering at our small place, but everything turned out very nice. Isaac is lucky to have such wonderful family members and friends; he got many nice gifts from everyone!

We miss you Meeghan and Raymond!!!