Thursday, October 25, 2007

What's New?

Well folks I'm not sure what to tell you about Sam right now, because I have been finishing up school and now I am very proud to announce that I am finally a college graduate! I do have some pictures that I want to share, so enjoy.

These pictures are before our nightly walk after dinner. Samuel loves his mittens and his new stocking cap; which makes things much easier for me...there is no fighting to get these items on! Yea!

This year's trip to the Shaake's pumpkin patch was a success. Samuel enjoyed the open space to search for his perfect pumpkin. He tried to pick up a few, but needed Daddy's assitance. Our yearly pumpkin carving will happen this weekend.

Sam also has started to take a personal liking to baby powder after each changing. These pictures show what can happen when Daddy forgets to close the baby powder. Oops!

We also ventured out to the Maple Leaf festival in Baldwin Kansas where Great Auntie Kathy and Great Uncie Al had a gathering. There were pony rides and Sam loved his pony!

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Anonymous said...

haha sam is such a little cutie!! I love all the new pictures.. keep em' comin!

ps: will there be halloween ones?

~Katie I.