Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Scarecrow Night

I must say that Samuel is the cutest scarecrow that I have ever seen. Even with his makeup somewhat askew and his spiky hair in lieu of a hat (because he won't wear one) he did such a good job. Here I thought that there was going to be a major battle to get him to participate, but the toughest part was just getting his shoes tied. Who would of thought?

Our first house was at Uncle Keith and Aunt Kathy's house, where he was still just a newbie. When Uncle Keith tried to put candy in Sam's pail, Sam quickly dropped the pail on the ground with his hands held out to receive the candy. Oh well. We got it all figured out by the next house. Off to Grandma and Grandpa Kellen's house! Here there was already a premade goodie bag for him filled with treats and Crayola ToDoodles. Laughs were shared about how cute he was, and we were trying to keep all of his stuffing in place.

House number three was off to Grandma and Grandpa Ledom's house. Here Sam held out his Halloween tub accepted the treats until he saw the BIG bowl of treats sitting on the ottoman in the living room. Once that was spotted Sam helped himself to the candy, taking one big handful at a time and placing it into his tub until it was kid!

From there we ventured out to a couple other houses where Sam accepted more candy and then tried to help himself inside the nice lady's house, and for the next one he wanted inside to pet the doggie. Good grief. Either way this Halloween was so much fun and I can't wait for next year where he should really get into it, and not to mention his new side kick that will be 9 months old. Oh goodness.

I hope everyone had a wonderful night. Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said...

I wished I knew you were coming! I missed out. Keith showed me the cute! The one below with his KU outfit...ADORABLE!!!

Anonymous said...

what a creative costume!! sam is cute as always! loved the pics!

Corrine said...

Hi Amber

What an adorable scarecrow!!! Just what you'd expect to see in Kansas. Sounds like he really had fun.

Hope all is well, the guys all say hi.

Miss you, next week the clinic is doing a Thanksgiving luncheon. Remember how much fun those are!

Take care, Corrine

Anonymous said...

Your blog is cute. I wish you updated it more often. I'll keep coming back and checking though.

Anonymous said...

so, I was sitting here thinking.... Halloween was almost a month ago...