Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Flowers Make Me Happy

Don't you just love tulips? Tulips are my favorite flower, though depressingly short lived, I love how cheery they are. They scream for your attention with their knock-out colors and stand so tall and proud. If only I could grow them year round, it would surely cure some of the winter blues in January when you are more than ready for Jack Frost to get the heck outta dodge!

These tulips are from my own yard. I'm proud. The other day when I was engrossed in house cleaning, I stood up from picking something up off of the floor, and noticed how the sunlight was hitting the vase of tulips. Stunning! It is in those quiet moments that I know God is smiling down on me and my family.


Don't you feel it?

How about now?

Close your eyes. Breath. Be still. 

Now look!

I feel peace. I feel overwhelming love.

I feel God right next to me. Amazing!

This next little group are pictures of my bleeding heart my Grandma bought me. Isn't it beautiful? It was precious the first year, but with a little patience and care, this year it is spoiling me with blooms all over! 

Bleeding Heart Bush

Look how my pansies have grown!

Some of you may be getting tired of all my foliage pictures instead of pictures of my kiddies, but with everything turning out so beautiful I can't resist. For those of you needing your baby fix here are a couple of Caroline after a bubble bath. 

Sweet Girl Wrapped up Snug :o)

These next two were took purposefully to match a picture that was taken of me when I was Caroline's age. It's amazing how much she looks like me. I'll try and post compare/contrast pictures later. 

Caroline 7 1/2 months

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Anonymous said...

Your tulips are beautiful. I love your bleeding heart... it's making me miss the gigantic one I left at the old house. Looking at their dear little blooms makes me think what delight God took in the smallest of details. Caroline does look like her momma! I'll try and find that picture of you.