Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I have to say, the second time around for a hair cut went much better than the first. There was no uncontrollable sobbing, reaching out in desperation or me having to paw both sides of his face so that he couldn't move an inch. No, this time Isaac didn't cry one bit. He sat much better this time around, although still far from not moving at all. This time I suggested bringing down a couple cookies that may distract him in the process and that is exactly where he fed all his anxiety and fear. If the cookie was not in his mouth or some part of it then there was going to be a break down.

Grandpa always does such a nice job with the boys' hair. Not only has he always cut his own sons' hair he has cut all of his grandsons' hair and now his great grandsons' hair. I would say the man has some experience, but when the littlest of ones decide to make a quick move things could potentially get ugly. :o) I requested that Isaac had short hair on the sides and back and then slightly longer on the top, but because of forces Grandpa could not control as he went in for the trim up top Isaac chose to see where exactly Grandpa was going with the clippers. "Oops," Grandpa said, "I don't think I'm going to be able to do what I was trying to do anymore." We all chuckled and I told Grandpa to just go ahead and buzz him. How horrible could he look? Turns out not horrible at all. Isaac has such the cutest little head it doesn't matter if he has hair or not, cute as a button. This buzz cut on Isaac has a striking resemblance to my Dad when he was a little boy; memories that I don't recall but my Grandma does.

I think we'll keep the timeless classic of the buzz through the summer for easy clean up and will try the high and tight when the cold rolls back in. So here is to summer and the traditional buzz to celebrate it!

Walking my Snoopy

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh - what an adorable little boy!! Amber, you sure have beautiful children (can't wait to see that little girl). Issac looks so cute. Hope you are doing well.
Miss you - Corrine