Saturday, February 28, 2009

More Snow

Although I wasn't terribly happy about seeing snow this 28th of February, Sam was very excited as he looked out the sliding glass door. "Mommy! Look! Snow outside...." he said. Yes, there sure is snow outside, and not just a dusting but more like 3 inches of snow. We just aren't quite over the hump of transitioning into Spring, but I know that we all long for it. Winter is all fine and dandy through the holiday season but once all festivities have stopped I'm ready to not be cooped up in the house. Oh well, I guess it was a semi-fun event considering Sam had yet to use his winter gear that we bought him back in November. This snow was a pretty powdery snow that packed great snow balls but lacked the moisture to make a good snow man. I tried to show Sam how to make a snow angel but he got mad at me as I nudged him into the snow so he could make one. Instead he was perfectly happy just walking around kicking the snow. I was surprised at just how long he wanted to stay out and I was the one that coaxed him back inside with the idea of hot chocolate. So thank you Mother Nature for the pretty snow and please let this be the last until the next holiday season.

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