Friday, February 06, 2009

Poo Poo TWO days in a row!

That's right folks, my son Samuel has finally decided all on his own that he wants to wear the super cool big boy undies in his drawer! We have had two successful days of pooping on the potty and so far today we have had no accidents. Yeah, he might want to go potty every 5 minutes, then flush the toilet, then wash his hands.....etc......but it is all worth it. I have been so lazy in helping him advance in this area that I can't believe that all on his own he decided this is what he wants to do. Maybe it is the quarters that are making the difference, or the M&M's, or the new Hot Wheel cars but what ever the motivation it is working. Most of the time, unless he makes a poo poo, he doesn't even ask for a prize. Just another milestone that reminds me that my little boy is growing up into a young man. I'll tell ya what though, nothing beats his cute little buns in his big boy undies! Now if Sam could only help motivate Isaac to potty train by 18 months then that would be awesome, preferably before the new baby comes. :o)

I actually can't believe how easy it has been. The transition happened so fast and so easy that I'm still baffled by it. I know we are early on in the game but I can't complain. I am truly lucky to have good sleepers, good eaters, and now good potty trainers.

Just like a man! :0)

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Anonymous said...

haha olivia and I are cracking up. Sam on the potty is so funny! Tell Sam that olivia and aunt kathy say.."what a big boy SAM!" Good job! :)