Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Isaac's 1st Bday

I would like to say that I was terribly irritated with Isaac's birthday cake because it wasn't meant to be a stupid 9x13 cake! I wanted to give him a nice double stacked round birthday cake and some where in the mix of who knows what, my round cake pans have been lost. It is always frustrating when you have a picture in your head of what you want to make or do and because of one missing main component, all is lost. So here are pictures of my sweet Isaac after he ate dinner, and yes there is still some remnants of dinner on his face, with his horrid looking cake. :o)


Blowing out candle with help of Daddy.

Diggin' In! The frosting is my favorite part!

I'm not sure what my deal was the week of Isaac's birthday but we unconventionally got his birthday gift while he was with us. Yup, we walked around Target until that toy just jumped out at him, and such is why we now own the Fisher Price key board. I felt just horrible about the whole thing. What kind of mother am I that I didn't make a proper birthday cake and I also didn't have a gift wrapped for my punkey-do!? I know he is one and that is really wouldn't matter if I did any of the above but it did matter to me. Oh well I guess that can happen on off years. I'll try to make this the last of off year of birthdays.


Anonymous said...

Wow! You are really being hard on yourself! The cake looked fine, and he seemed to enjoy it just the same! Walking around looking for the right gift is a memory. It's not the norm for you, but he probably enjoyed the outing! Look at the sunny side!! Those precious blue eyes tell you that he knows he is loved!!

Becca said...

I agree with Anonymous, you're being too hard on yourself! I bet the cake was delicious, and Isaac is too little to care about birthday surprises! All that matters is that you spent time together as a family. I'm sure you'll give him quite the party when he's old enough to enjoy it!