Friday, January 16, 2009

Christmas 08

Okay, I finally feel like I can get around to posting about our wonderful holiday season. Sam and I attempted to make our first gingerbread house together, and it went pretty well but once we got to the main part of the house it regrettably all broke down. I guess we waited too long for it to dry. Sad, but next year we'll know exactly what to do. It was fun decorating the roof though. Thanks gma and gpa for the cool gingerbread set, it was awesome!

Now we'll move onto Christmas morning. Sam was so excited that we came to tell him Santa came that he sprung up from his bed and jumped onto the floor, as if he were going to tear into the living room, but instead he casually walked out being ever so quiet.

Here is Sam's pile.

Here is Isaac's pile.

We assumed that Isaac wasn't going to be too excited about his first Christmas, but his little face even lit up as he saw the wrapped packages and he enjoyed helping open his presents. Since the boys are so close in age I guess it is just inevitable that they each wanted to play with each others goodies. Here are some pictures of the morning.

Sam's process of opening goodies:

Isaac's process of opening his goodies:

What a wonderful Christmas it was!

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