Friday, May 11, 2007

Pool Day

I have waited one year to be able to share pool days with my son, where his head will be filled with wonderful fun memories to recall, and finally that year has rolled around. This is a picture of our first pool date.

Unlike what I had expected our first dip in the pool to be (screaming and crying) Samuel just had to warm up to the water...and before I knew it he was off! In order to get a feel for the water, we stood on the first stair in the pool and allowed his piggies to warm up in water. To ease some of his anxiety we splish splashed his foot through the water. Then we made our way down to the second stair, where the water came up to his belly; Sam gasped and caught his breath due to the rather chilly water at the beginning of the pool season. No worries, Sam quickly started playing with his pail and shovel vigorously stirring the water. From that point on I quickly moved him into his covered floaty 'boat' and we were off. His fast kicking legs help propel us through the water going around and around in circles. Our pool date was a success!

Yesterday Samuel, my Mom, Grandma & Grandpa Fay, and I took a day out on the town; where Grandpa spotted the cutest little bench, and thought Samuel couldn't do without it. Now that he has his personal bench there will be many hours of sitting on it, wandering into Dr. Seuss' imaginative worlds..

So faithful blog readers, we are anxious for our summer days in the sun, where we will enjoy days by the pool and bike rides on the trails. I can't believe I have my summer days back!

Next Saturday will be Samuel's 1st birthday party where hopefully I'll capture great moments of the day. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Hi Amber and family
What great pictures of that cute little face. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time with your little guy. Happy Mother's Day (a little late). Give birthday hugs and kisses to Sam.

Anonymous said...

Sam is seriously the cutest boy EVER!! I can't believe your so close and I haven't come to visit you yet... i need to work on that! I won't be able to come to sams b-day because branner is graduating.. i'm dissapointed but i'm sure i'll see LOTS of pictures riiiight?
~Katie Ikenberry