Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring is Here

What a sweet treat it is when the weather finally turns over to spring! Soon we will be able to completely shed ourselves of our winter coats and move into our spring/summer wardrobe. Some new flip flops are calling my name! This picture of Sam reminds me of what summers and nice weather is all about. I mean, is there really anything better than sitting up high in a tree listening to the birds or wind blow around you? I am so anxious to play outside with the kids; a little fresh air is good for all of us. I have my Uncle Doug taking a peek at my bike for me so that the boys and I can get some good bike rides in the days to come.

Samuel has now discovered how fun and funny it is to jump in the air. He thinks it is particularly funny to mimic your actions, and even funnier when you mimic him. Sam can actually jump off the ground with both feet! I'm not sure when a child hits that milestone but I think it is impressive. Samuel also has a love for new shoes and new clothes (specifically his new Nike sport shorts). As soon as we came home from shopping he promptly sat down to take off his jeans so that I could put his new shorts on. He then started into wind sprints to show me how they surely did make him run faster than before! LOL. He also did the same when we brought home his new shoes he also has on in this picture. You might notice that they are on the wrong feet, Sam put them on by himself, but at least he is trying.

Isaac is so close to rolling over it isn't funny. If he could just figure out how to get his fat little arm out of the way he would have done it by now. He is also close to letting out his first giggle. I love this time where they interact with you by smiling or cooing. How heart bursting the little things are!


Anonymous said...

Sam is such a stinkin cutie!!! He will be a ladies man :)
~Kate I.

Jennifer said...

Sam looks like a little athlete here!