Monday, October 13, 2008

Shaake's 2008

Picking out the perfect pumpkin is just one of the best parts of doing the annual visit to Shaake's Pumpkin Patch. I personally have had many memories as a child going to Shaake's with my parents when I was younger, and now it is such an out of body experience taking my children there. I watch to see Samuel excited to go down the hay slide or to ride the tractor out into the fields of pumpkins and can't believe that I too was probably excited about the same things when I was their age. I'm sure if my parents were there with us they would have had that odd feeling of old memories flooding back to them while they watch their grandkids do the same things myself and my brothers used to do. The hunt was on!

Mom I found the perfect pumpkin!

Waiting for the tractor.

Daddy went up ahead with Isaac and the rest of the pumpkins in the stroller so that Sam and I could ride the tractor back. Every time a tractor went by us as we were on the hunt Sam would yell, "Tractor Sam, tractor Sam!"

Hmmmm....what is this anyway?

How Tall This Fall?

Another great end to the holiday pumpkin picking season!


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Looks like the perfect day to be at the patch. That place holds lots of good memories. We certainly have bought a lot of pumpkins from the Shaake's.