Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spring Harvest

It feels so wonderful to gather something from the ground that you prepared the soil for, cared for, and to finally reap the benefits from! I am so proud even if they are just green onions, the fact is, they are MY green onions and I grew them in MY garden. I have fallen in love with gardening. I love to plant veggies and I love planting the flowers. There is nothing better than  coming inside exhausted at the end of the day with dirt so far underneath your nails that the only way to get it out is with the miracle Lava bar and a nail brush. Yes my back hurts at the end of the day, but that doesn't take away the high I get after looking at all the work I had accomplished even if that only consisted of pulling weeds. Yes. I am a full fledged gardener now; and what makes that even more special is knowing that my grandma has done it for so many years and that my great grandma did it for so many years and so on. All that knowledge has been getting passed down to me and someday I will pass it down to my children and grandchildren. The older I get the more I find that our loved ones that have left us on this world are always with us through the things we do in our day to day life. They live in us as we plant our flowers, veggies, fruits or just through watching the birds. They are here! I haven't felt so close to my great grandparents as I do when I'm out working the dirt. 

The 1st Harvest!

Besides working out in the yard when the weather allows, my boys are having the greatest time with there construction hat and fireman hat. That was one of the best $2 bucks that I've ever spent. Don't you love imagination? Too many kids are consumed by TV and video games or toys that do all the noise making for them. I have grown to love the toys that don't make any sound at all (not just for my benefit but for the boys'). I welcome all wooden toys and toys that inspire my children to make their own sounds and movements. It would be horrible if imagination became a thing of the past.

On another side note the third pregnancy is going very well. The worst thing that I have suffered from is not wanting to eat anything but cinnamon toast crunch or fruity pebbles; really, how bad could that be? LOL. That was way back in my first trimester and since then all food has been game. I can't believe that I am more than half way through and that this new baby will be here in a short 4 months! Crazy! Lord help me, but if this baby is anything like the other two there should be little adjusting except for that we have to learn to get 3 together rather than 2. We will now be out numbered. I can feel the baby's movement constantly and can see the pushes and kicks. I do have a pretty good baby bump going on and still welcome the summer heat. A run to Motherhood Maternity is in order so I can get a cute preggers swim suit to lay out on our deck in. :o) If I'm going to be huge I at least want some color on my skin. We are still undecided on names for boy or girl so if anyone has some favorites they want to publish a comment on we welcome the ideas!


Anonymous said...

My vote goes for "charlotte". The best gardner, grandma sommer.

p.s. your green onions look wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm....Charlotte is cute. You are a fine gardener. There is such a sense of splendor when the earth returns your attention with fruits. You are part of the circle of life! Your garden is a miracle of life as is your body! Congrats on both!

Anonymous said...

Noah....and or Francis....Francis can be for a girl also...beautiful either direction.