Thursday, October 29, 2009

Passion. Do you have it?

Lately I am finding myself a little short on artistic passion, which is what has inspired me to change the look of my blog. I have also journeyed into a wonderful world of jewelry making; stamped sterling pieces of all shapes and sizes, soldered wonders flat or bubble glass and I still feel like I'm not fully using all my potential I know that lies inside of me. Maybe it isn't a lack of ideas but rather too many flowing into my head. Or it could possibly be because I have yet to finish my "working" room in my house that will double as our mud room. Not only am I wanting to make unique phenomenal jewelry but I'm wanting to catch those split second, wonderful, magical moments that my children make and are impossible to duplicate once they've gone. I want that keen eye for different angles and light that make a regular picture look spectacular. And trust me when I say that I really meant well when I got my ukulele for Christmas last year and I taught myself to play a couple songs but sadly it has been sitting in the corner of our room since then. I think ukulele lessons will be on my list this year for Christmas so I can follow up on that. Now tell me, when am I supposed to perfect all of these things bursting from me in between toddling toddlers and a cooing infant? How do I fit it all in between the continuing home improvement projects, daily vacuuming, washing dishes, tumbling clothes, and dinner bubbling in the oven? What about that book I bought and have been wanting to read, or flipping through my magazines to gather more great ideas to try and accomplish? So mothers out there in the world who have tons of things they'd like to do on their plate how do you manage to do it all or don't you? How can you find that true, deep, awesome passion for each different thing you do?

Okay, now for pictures!

Caroline 7 Weeks!

Shaake's Pumpkin Patch 2009

On The Hunt

Ewwww! oops not that one...

This one looks good!

Boys Fascinated by Tractor Wheels

You Talkin' to Me?

How Tall Are You This Fall?

Me Want Coooookieee

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Anonymous said...

Dear Amber
What beautiful pictures - 3 absolutely adorable children. There is never enough time for everything, at least not now. And when the time comes where there is enough, you'll want these days back with those 3 little ones. Trust me, time will fly by. We all have projects we'd like to get done, by the most valuable time is molding, teaching and having funny with those three. But when they take a nap or you can catch 10 minutes by yourself, read a couple of pages in that new book.

Miss you, Corrine