Monday, August 30, 2010

Catching Up

With a found camera, and photos uploaded to my computer, I'm ready to catch everyone up on what has been happening in the Kellen household.

Sometime before our trip to St. Louis I was sitting on the couch wasting time on the computer and I kept hearing a clinnnk, clinnk..... what is that sound? I choose to ignore it and continue browsing on the web when I hear it again. Clinnnk. A lightbulb went off and I knew that sound was coming from my camera. BOOOYYSSSS, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I found the two guilty parties under their fort in their room with my camera carelessly on the floor.

Sam: Mommy we were taking pictures.
Me:  You are not supposed to be touching things that aren't yours Samuel.
Sam: But mommy, we got some really good pictures!

Samuel the Photographer

Artistic right? :o)

Meanwhile I've been wanting to cook up some new dishes because, well, I'm tired of the same old stuff! You should fix this dish if you don't want ANYONE but yourself to enjoy it (note the sarcasm). 

A wonderful scrumptious pasta dish with pasta you have on hand, coarsely chopped asparagus, bacon crumbles, parmesan cheese, and a yummy white sauce made from sauteed garlic, half-n-half, and melted mozzarella cheese. YUM-O!

Now on to our St. Louis vacation photos, and what a better place to start than in the car? 

After the 4 hour drive of "How many more longer will it be til we get there" questions we all had a lot of  stored up energy to use. After all, what are hotels good for anyway? 

The next morning we ate some seriously good food at Chris' pancake house:

This was the good ole' fashioned restaurant that had free coffee and cookies in the waiting area, with cute old couples standing around visiting. You know the kind? The kind where you can't walk a step without all of them telling you how sweet your little family is and to soak up every minute of them while they're young. The kind where everyone is friendly and will start up a conversation without hesitance. I love those kinds of places and so did the kids! Their buckwheat pancakes were superb, the chocolate milk was like a milkshake rather than the (joke-for-chocolate-milk) where restaurants use a wimpy half squirt of Hershey sauce for your chocolate milk.

With our bellies full and spirits up we headed off to the St. Louis zoo! To be continued....

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