Thursday, July 24, 2008


Okay all you folks that are too far away to come and see our house, I've decided to go ahead and post pictures of what the house looks like at this time. Granted we still have plenty of nesting to do, but for now it is cozy, while we finish up some other projects.

I've also included some updated pictures of the boys. And a quick note on the newest stuff from my munchkins; Samuel, when asked what his name is can tell you as well as if you ask him how old he is. This only took about 15 minutes of practice. If you know Sam well you know that he has an accent with most words that he says and his name is no exception. Bye- Sounds like he is from the southern states, while Car-sounds like he is from Boston, and I'm not sure yet where it sounds like he is from when he says his name Sam- as Shaaaam (almost like a question).

Isaac is up on all fours and is bound to make his first moves within the next week or so. His hair continues to stand up on end regardless of length, and the older ladies at the grocery store love to stop and comment on it.

Other than that we continue to battle out one project at a time and surely by the time we move out all our projects will be done. :-) The kitchen should be close to completion by my birthday (August 10th, for those of you that care) and the boys' rooms should be soon to follow. For those of you that are close enough to come and visit us be looking for our house warming party invite hopefully sometime in August.


Jenn said...

So I was looking at the pictures of the boys and I think Sam looks different (older) every time I see him! They must change a lot at this age! Even Isaac's face looks like it's changing a little bit in the pictures! The house looks beautiful!

Anonymous said...

isaac looks scared haha