Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Night at the Ball Park

Sam and Isaac's first baseball game went very well for such a hot and humid night. After arriving to the front gates of the ball park I was quickly questioning what we were thinking coming on such a sticky night. Already, just from the walk up to the park, we were all dripping with sweat.

We bought the tickets and then were off to find our seats; Joel disappointed in the good seats being sold out, had to settle for the cheap seat tickets. You can imagine that our hike to our seats was a good one! :-) It happened to be buck night out at the K so we enjoyed plenty of pop, hot dogs, and peanuts. Sam was very attentive the whole game up until the bottom of the 7th, and by this time I was also tired of sitting in my seat, so we got up to go hunt down some cotton candy but were disappointed to find out that they had sold all out. Bummer! The lady sitting in front of us with her daughter and husband turned around and said to me, "How old is he? I can't believe that he is sitting so nice and being so good. I have two 20 month olds at home and there is no way that they would sit so good for the entire game!" I smiled and said, the boy loves sports and right now the season is baseball.

I was also surprised at how well Isaac was. Not once was he fussy. He had two bottles while we were there and even took a nap. When he wasn't doing that he was too busy flirting with the people behind us. Yes for it being hotter than Hades the boys were excellent!

Beside the weather being less than ideal the time seemed to go by rather fast. I enjoyed watching Sam as he watched the ball players down on the field. He would yell "Foul Ball, Home Run and Strike" as the rest of the crowd did. He also enjoyed the CLAP-CLAP, CLAP CLAP CLAP, -CLAP CLAP'S and doing the wave. He also was fascinated with the beautiful fountains that Kauffmen stadium is known for, and was a little scared of the sudden "Boom Boom" as he'll tell you, from the fireworks that go off when there is a home run.

We were lucky enough to witness 2 that night. Yes, he was involved with the entire surrounding. On top being very good, Sam looked very cute, complete with Royal's jersey, glove, and an official Royals cap. Some of these pictures are keepers!


Anonymous said...

I'm in love with your child!!! Sam is so stinkin cute! :)

Anonymous said...

He looks so darn cute in that cap!! I couldn't believe that he'd sit through a ball game. I guess he's more of a sports fanatic than I knew. Great pictures, Amber! Love the blog!
Auntie Kathy

Rebecca said...

Your boys are so stinking cute! And your house looks amazing. Good for you, Amber!

As for potty training... Jacob is NOT potty trained. We are just starting. We were doing REALLY well for a week, but then I went to FL for 5 days without him. Now that I am home, he has zero interest in the potty. Crap. Back to square one.

I'm taking it pretty slow.

Anonymous said...

Those pictures of Sam are all so stinking cute! You know that I am going to want a copy of all of them! What a funny boy! I enjoyed listening to him retell his adventure at the "K"! You can tell that sports is in his blood!

Ruth said...

Hi Kellen Clan,

I see that Sam has certainly taken after his daddy. Love all the pics. the boys are so cute! The house has really come a long way. You've done such a great job! Take care and God Bless.