Thursday, August 14, 2008

All Abord

The Potty Train Express

We started the potty training experience last week and were doing well, from what I thought, but got caught up into running some errands and visiting the grandparents; a mixture I realized we cannot do until Sam has mastered controlling his 'out-puts'. So now that my birthday is over and our anniversary, we are going to jump on the potty training train once again. With any luck he will master this before we leave to go to Nebraska for a wedding at the end of August. If he doesn' least he will be a little bit older and hopefully a little more ready to try again once we get back. After all this is the kid that already comes to me and says, "EWWWWW" because he has pooed in his diaper. YES, HE IS READY! Plus I just love his sweet little buns in those big boy undies, and his little legs just add to the sweetness factor.

Here are some updated pictures of Isaac too. He is now Army crawling it all over the place. Put an object out there that looks enticing and he is off to get it, surprisingly with quite a bit of speed. How is it that 7 months could of possibly gone bye?

Oh and I can't forget that Sam thought that his brother was hungry right that minute as Isaac was jumping in his jumperoo. My little goat. LOL.


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness! Sam looks so grown up in those undies! And might I mention how cute his little tooshie and legs are in them too! Hope all goes well with potty trianing!

Jacob said...

Love the undies. Dude, and Isaac is a BEAF CAKE!