Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nothin' but Fun

With the winter months approaching my neighbor and I have been trying to think of fun indoor activities for the kids to do, a combination of ideas led to the homemade ball pit. The boys will play, giggle, bounce, and throw balls until their little hearts are content. The other night I stood back in the hall and watched Isaac playing by himself in his crib with these balls. It was easy to see the joy that those colorful balls brought him as he kicked his little legs pushing the balls away from him and then flopping on his tummy to try and grab them all back. I could have watched that sweet little face for hours, but he eventually grew tired and down to bed it was. Sam enjoys jumping up and down making the balls fly up in the air all around them and I think Isaac gets a thrill from it as well.

The weather in Kansas has stayed mild and in order to take advantage of that our friends and I took a little trip to the botanical gardens. Here we saw a mommy turtle and a tiny baby turtle that couldn't of been much larger than a quarter. The kids also enjoyed playing on big rocks, feeding fish and snacking on our adventure.

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