Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Out of a Sleepy Winter Slumber

Renewal of life is all around me. When I open my eyes in the morning, the first thing I hear are the sweet songs of the birds that have finally returned home from their winter migration. I go out front of my house and see life poking up through my mulch all over the place! Earl May had the first POP of color sitting outside, and how could I resist. The friendly painted faces of Pansies, standing up tall, begging me to take them home. :o) I did! I guess you could say I am restless coming from a long winter slumber. With every season we beg and hope for the next to appear and going from winter to spring is no exception.

'Mammoth Pansies' 
The heads on these are HUGE and beautiful!

On the few days we have already been lucky enough to have 63 degree weather I'm already opening up all my windows of my house to let that fresh clean air circulate through my home. It is a bit crisp but wakes you up, fills you up with vigor, and ready to tackle the obstacles of the day. It has me longing to get in the dirt.....and I did!

The garden has been hoed free of winter clover and the remainder of surprise green onions have all been pulled. Tilling is in store this Sunday, followed by planting my potatoes, onions, and lettuce! I have planted a large potful of Pansies and lucky me, I had enough to plant a smaller pot too! They are placed on my front porch to eagerly great friends and family as they come into our home.

Soon we will be surprised with more stunning flowers. I have green things popping up all over the place that I have either forgotten about or suspect squirrels or birdies have "dropped" something in areas that are now producing into a spring surprise for me.
My Bleeding Heart



These are surprises from birds and squirrels

With life springing forth, I wanted to share these pictures with you, and I hope it has inspired you to get outside and dig in the God's earth! Happy beginning of spring!

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