Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spring Decor

Ok. I haven't done a whole lot of posting about our house and the things I enjoy most about it so I thought I would share some of my favorite things with you! Keep criticism to a minimum, lol, I never said I was a professional at decorating. :o)

These first set of photos are the wall I look at the most because, for the time being, our TV sits on top of my cubby shelf. My cubby shelf was a great and lucky find and one of many favorite things. This wall also comes at a 90 degree angle to the wall our front door is on.

I L-O-V-E this cubby! Vintage bingo card, dice under smaller cloche spells out 'renew' on top of an old book with a great red color. Book pages cover this bird and I love the way the natural colors all look together.

These books are my FAVE! Wonderful rich colors and from 1915's give this cubby a fantastic look with my aged looking riser, and of course a small bird to complete the look.

I wasn't completely sold on the way I did this cubby, but it will do for now until I have my Mom help me with tweaking. :o) A silver patina bowl with a grass ball sits at the front with a neat jar holding natural colored yarn, string, and spools with a very heavy concrete decorative riser sits in the back.

This last picture is a little blurry but I love this industrial sized lightbulb! Got this little beauty from one of my favorite stores near by my house. 

On to my console table that sits between the living room and the dining room. One of my favorite focal spots for sure!

I can't get over my burlap in my apothecary jar. Due to my limiting supplies for spring decor I had to get creative and I happened to have some left over burlap from another project so this look cost me nothing! A sweet birds nest and a couple eggs pull this jar together. My smaller jar has split green peas for a shot of green and a cute painted egg.

Did I mention I love apothecary jars and cloches? :o) So many possibilities for all times of the year. 

On to a 'sitting' space that you see when you walk into our front door, the half wall helps bring separation to our living room and dining room. 

The large clock on the wall was a wedding shower gift from my aunt and looked great hanging there on its own but then I found this great frame with great character at Hobby Lobby in their 60% section! Solid wood, great find! On the half wall is a wine bottle wrapped in jute twine (thanks mom!) and more shots of spring green to bring a feeling of renewed life into our home. Renew is my word for the spring season!

Next up is a great shelf the hubs built me that I have hanging above our couch. I'm still not completely sure on what I've done to it, but like I've said before it will do for the time being. 

Fresh picked flowers from the garden (I wish, maybe if it ever stopped snowing here!) fall happily out of my green tin bucket (thanks grandma), and a great weave ball sitting on some greenery. On the opposite side my FANTASTIC birch boxes bring awesome texture, then my stick nest lined with moss sits inside a wood carved bird tea light holder. A small apothecary jar holds lettered dice that is a fun accessory to look at. 

Finally my table that sits beside the couch is one of my favorite things. The lamp was a great find for a whole $7 (and it was NOT pretty when I found it but it is amazing what a little elbow grease does) and the champagne lamp shade for $11. Can you put together a fabulous lamp for $18? 

So folks, there you go! My home in the spring. Pictures of my sweet Caroline's room coming soon. :o)


Anonymous said...

I think you did a great job! I love what you did with your glass jars and I love the burlap with the nest! Hmmm I might have to steal that idea! I think you need to get command hooks or something with your lights on your cubby. They seem kind of distracting now that you don't have any white in your cubbies. Easy fix though. I think you did a really good job. See, I knew I had taught you well!

Anonymous said...

Your home looks fantastic. I know how long it takes to move stuff around. Love the glass jars and cloches. I'm stealing the burlap idea too! Can't wait to come babysit! Love, Auntie Kathy