Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More Snow = More Fun

Okay, well maybe we are all sick to death of the snow, at least this last time it snowed it managed to hang around 32 degrees so that the kiddies and I could go out and enjoy it!

Caroline was napping in her room, but I had the monitor out on the front porch so I could tell if our play time needed to be cut short. This was Isaac's very first time getting to play out in the snow. Last year he was the baby, and this year the big boy! He mostly just wanted to eat the snow and lay it. Isaac would run around and fall head first into the snow. That crazy boy! Afterwards he would tell me, "Cold Mommy, Cold" but then he would keep on going.

Next are a couple updated photos of Caroline. I had her decked out for the KU vs. Nebraska game, outfit courtesy of Auntie Meeghan and Uncle Raymond, bow accessory from Great Aunt Kathy, and that AWESOME car seat cover from Grandma Kellen! I can't believe that my sweet girl is going to be 22 weeks this Friday.

I hope this made your Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

It made my day brighter. Cuties they are!

Giles said...

Awww! We miss you guys soooo incredibly much! Caroline is such a cutie pie! Lovin' her Jayhawks! The boys are getting so big! WE'VE GOTTA GET OUT THERE! Love you so much! Muah!