Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Little Bit of Everything

Ready to get down to business! 

I Don't Know About This Mommy...

What a HUGE surprise it was to me when he was fully potty trained by the third day! Amazing! We still haven't gotten through the night yet, but are well on our way. There have been no accidents for about a week now and that is surely impressive. He has taken to the potty like a champ. He loves his big boy undies, gives an ear to ear smile after he's done with some high 5's, and can't wait to flush and wash his hands all by himself. Another out of diapers is a great accomplishment, especially when they run you $21 for a box for 76 diapers. I can only hope Caroline will be just as eager to wear some princess undies to get her going. :o)

Homemade Peach Pie Helpers


They were so proud helping to make the peach pie! Samuel couldn't wait to eat a piece, and was allowed to stay up about 45 minutes past his bedtime to enjoy in his work. Peach pie in a bowl, half-n-half, with a little scoop of vanilla ice cream while the pie is warm....HEAVEN! I forgot to take a picture of the final product but it sure looked pretty.

Helping Mommy Knit

Grandma, you didn't know two gals made your dish clothes with love now did ya? I was lucky I didn't have to fight through a huge knotted mess, but the girl had fun.

Not Sure About This Face?

So Innocent...

Lookie at my New Trick!

Daddy and Samuel Having Fun With Camera

My Babes

Other big news? Not much to report actually. With all the rain moving through, something has blown in throwing my sinuses into a MAJOR funk. :-/ Can't say I'm too thrilled about that. This morning I broke out the saline rinse and I need to make a run to the store for my sinus relief medication. My garden continues to be fruitful and beautiful! The weather is beautiful and awful all at the same time; 97 degree weather with a humidity level in the hundreds is not my ideal type of weather. I can deal with the heat but the humidity just stinks. 

Lately I've been getting plenty of exercise around the house chasing after my stinking fast water bug scooting across the floor. Now that she can pull up to things, I've found my magazines and books on the floor on more than one occasion. Her little smile with two pearly whites peaking through are just too much to resist! 

Samuel is super excited because we got him into pre-school for this upcoming year! He'll do great with all the other kids. His favorite thing lately is working in is pre-school workbook we bought him, and he is obsessed with Doodle Jump on Grandma's iPod, and now Daddy's iPod. The other day he scored over 21K points!! There was a bit of an obsession and that had to be broke. It wasn't pretty, a little bit of bratinsky came out, very very ugly, but I am pleased to tell you all he is back to sweet old Sam! ;-) Doodle jump is only played sparingly now and for small periods of time. 

Isaac is getting into playing more with "super heros" (Kinex little figures) with his brother, and loves loves loves cars. He has a little more stubborn in him that I'd like, but his snuggleness still overpowers the big boy he is slowing turning into. 

Summer is flying bye just as I expected it would, and a small bit of me can't wait for the crispness in the air with Fall approaching, but for now I'm enjoying today, enjoying summer, enjoying swimming and popsicles and our game called "corn hole or bags" depending on where you come from. So. Enjoy your moment, enjoy your upcoming weekend, and if you have some free time browse around my Etsy Shop for some early Christmas gift ideas. :o) 


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