Friday, October 22, 2010

Schaake's 2010

Last weekend was the perfect weekend to go pumpkin huntin' at Schaakes! Not too hot, not too cool, and luckily the ground wasn't too wet where our feet would start to sink, or too dry where if the wind blows you have to hold your breath and close your eyes because of the dust blowing around. Nope, none of that, it was just right.

Headin' out into the patch on the tractor

I personally have always enjoyed the thrill of the hunt for my perfect pumpkin. The size, shape, and color vary from year to year but when you find it you feel victorious! I hope that Joel and I are instilling those same feelings in our kids. I also hope they'll have fond memories of Schaakes like I do.

The Hunt

Sometimes I forget how little my boys are. When we stay at home all day and we aren't around other kids to compare, they seem like such big boys! Then after a trip to the patch and looking back on my pictures I sit and stare at my computer screen at these and remember that they are still my little boys. 

I start to feel bad about treating them so much older than they really are, but I guess we all probably do that at some point or another. And of all the "things" the retail stores try to promote... this is still their favorite!

Caroline couldn't fully appreciate the pumpkin hunt, so this was her favorite part of the trip.........

Freshly squeezed lemonade, and let me tell you, it was the BEST lemonade I've ever had in my entire life-- no joke! As you can see, I think it was Caroline's too. :o)

Finally after about 2 hours of pumpkin hunting, playing on their jungle gym stuff, drinking lemonade, etc, etc, we couldn't leave without the traditional "How Tall This Fall" pictures. 

If I would have been thinking I should have gotten a picture of them with their respective pumpkins, or of them all passed out in the car 5 minutes after we started driving, but, I was just as exhausted as the rest of them so I didn't do any of that. Pumpkin pictures will come after carving time this weekend. Happy pumpkin picking everybody!

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