Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Does anybody out there hate to fix lunch as much as I do? Ugh. I hate lunch. It seems like you just get the kitchen all cleaned up from breakfast and before ya know it a little person is telling you they're "starving". So, then you have to conjure something up for lunch, clean the lunch mess up, and four hours later start the process of dinner! I for one get SOOO tired of the same ole things for lunch. There are only so much PB&Js, mac-n-cheese, frozen burritos, grilled cheeses a mama can fix-smell-eat before she goes crazy!

What do my other mama's fix for lunch? I need some fresh ideas before I go to the store this weekend. I prefer non-processed items, I'm sick to death of those too. So if you have some scrumptious, healthy, easy-to-clean-up lunch ideas, lay them on me!!


Things About Me

1. I love this for breakfast

2. I fold all my children's clothes "the Navy way" ever since I completed my enlistment
(The boys share a dresser so I need everything to fit in nice square)
Yes. That is my reward for folding the clothes at the end of the table. Girl Scout cookies and milk...mmmm!

3. I can't stand loose hair in the bathroom or anywhere.

4. I have to have Cinnamon Bun coffee creamer in my morning coffee!


Samuel's idea of hiding while playing hide-n-seek 

I love that boy! :-) Something new and funny every day! 


katie said...

amber -
for lunches i've started this (kind of crazy, gotten me made fun of) system in my house for we 2 grownups and it seems to be working out for us. i keep three big plastic bowls on the bottom shelf of our fridge, with pre-portioned baggies of grapes, carrots/celery, and cheese squares. then on the counter we have pre-portioned baggies of crackers in different flavors. for lunches we'll grab some of everything and a bottle of cranergy and it's a good light lunch. for a bit of protein, i've taken to doing a frozen steamed meal (healthy choice) with the veggies on the side, instead of the cheese & crackers.
also good is to make a bunch of wrap ingredients for the week: chopped tomatoes, cucumber, shredded cheese, baked chicken, green pepper, whatever you like, and then get a light salad dressing you all like and some wraps, and each day just whip up a wrap and drizzle a little salad dressing into it for flavor! healthy and quick!

Amber@Timeless Treasures said...

Great idea Katie!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you! I just hate lunch, unless of course I'm lunching with the ladies or my true love! Can't say I miss having to think about lunch for little ones. I just pretty much feed you kids sandwiches or leftovers. It might have been boring but you survived!:-)