Sunday, January 09, 2011

A Renewed Promise

I promise to be better about blogging and posting more than, lets say...... 5x a year. :-) If nothing else I need to do this for me, because this is such a nice way to catalog what my children are doing and have done. How we change, how we grow, how we love.

A few words that have been exchanged that still ring clear in my head.

Joel and I were recounting the past and I lovingly told him: "See hun, I was the best thing in your life!" And he replies: "What are you talking about? You still are." I-love-that-man!!

Samuel, in trying to wake Joel up one morning said, "Daddy are you getting up yet? It's 16 o'clock!" Sam is trying to grasp the concept of time. He always asks what time it is and what the answer I give him means. :-)

Isaac is still obsessed with everything Buzz Lightyear, is quickly sprouting upward making all the evidence of his toddler chunky rolls disappear.... I miss those already. He still continues to want to be my snuggle bug and often tells me "I looooovvvee you!"

Caroline is independent as ever. Saying shoe - clear as day- night night, puhpur (slipper), buoy-boy (Bailey Boy), Guh Guh (Gus Gus), plssz (please), etc.

I'm juggling going to school, watching my friend's little girl, making my jewelry, and my new found love- knitting. The artisan/entrepreneur that has been buried inside me is slowly emerging... and I love that person! A new year to achieve growth, wish me luck!




Anonymous said...

Yeah! to your post, Amber. I check it often always hoping to see new pictures of your family. Happy New Year to you. Are we on for the 15th?

MG said...

Love the pic of you, Amber! And of Joel and the kids of course! We miss you Kellens so much! I can't believe how long Sweet Caroline's hair has gotten! XOXO

Anonymous said...

You are a lucky woman. You found your true love, you have been blessed with adorable, healthy, happy, funny, independent children, and you have discovered all the talent and creativity that you have inside you. Yes, you are lucky indeed.