Sunday, February 10, 2008

4 Weeks Flew

Sunday morning just hanging out with the boys:

Sam just can't get enough of his little brother:

Four weeks have already gone by and my littlest man keeps on adding weight and filling out in the face. I forgot how wonderful it feels to have a newborn's soft skin against my cheek. It is completely addictive! Isaac is now making attempts at cooing which is exciting to know that he is trying to communicate with us. We have a doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon and it will be sad because he is getting a shot; the world is so hard and unfair when pain is brought to you and you have no idea why. So sad. Check out his long piggies!

Meanwhile Samuel keeps playing with "Dada's shoes" and has explored to mine. I'm not worried yet that he likes my shiny gold heals, watching him walk around the house in them is most entertaining at this moment. He also loves looking at his picture books that he got for Christmas. I'm amazed that he can point out correctly at least 80% of the pictures in the book, if you ask him where something is. His big boy bed has also helped us with the reading process. He no longer tries to turn the pages before we are done. Samuel just lays down nicely and listens as we read. I'm particularly happy about this because I can get through a whole Dr. Seuss book without interruption. Thank you big boy bed!


Jennifer said...

Sam is such a big boy in these pictures! And I love the shirt Isaac has on. They are adorable! I will admit that you two make very good looking babies!

Anonymous said...

Sam looks like such a big boy! It looks like Travis and I need to make our way back over there and spend some time with you and yours. I'll talk to you soon.

Love, Cousin Sarah

Anonymous said...

Sam is such a good big brother!!Hopefully that lasts a long time. Isaac just continues to grow and it's been so much fun having you guys close by for this one. Newborns always smell like heaven!