Monday, February 25, 2008

Dog gone Tired

It really is funny the places you find your kids, especially when they've decided they are tired! Now that Sam is sleeping in a big boy bed we leave his door open at night so that he can come and get us if he needs to. One morning he came into our room and started playing, then there was silence, and when their is silence with a toddler you know that can't be good. I sat up in bed and couldn't see my little Sam's head bobbing around the room; this is where I found him.

I guess Gus' house is a great place to rest and play when you are only 22 months. In the mean time I have discovered that Isaac loves his tummy time on the floor. He likes it so much he feels comfortable enough to just fall fast asleep.

It is hard to imagine but even Sam can revert back to his baby stage days when he is exhausted enough...out like a light!

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