Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sick of Winter

Okay, Christmas has come and gone and New Years has passed as well; I'M SICK OF WINTER WEATHER!!! After having a second baby, the boys and I could really use some fresh air, and I'm dying to lose my weight! Sam has hit the terrible twos now because I feel myself wanting to pull my hair out the past couple of days. Between making sure he is sitting on the couch and not standing on it, him trying to push the lamps of the side tables, being mean to the animals, and running (to close for my comfort) next to his brother while Isaac is having "tummy time" I am in need of a time out! I really look forward to 8:30 when Samuel heads to bed because Isaac is normally on his way to dream land as well....and finally....quiet. Ahhhh. I can enjoy a heaping ;-) bowl of ice cream in peace and watch TV or read my book. However, no matter how grumpy I might get by the time 8:30 rolls around, one of Sam's "Da Da shoe" phrases makes me smile. Naughty or nice I love my boys so much. Their cute little cheeks and precious eyes make up for everything. I think Sam is trying to say, "look out mom for the roller coaster ride of a lifetime!" Good thing I'm a thriller.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe I am looking at a picture of my baby holding her second baby!! My gosh, where in the world has the time gone? I know it might be hard to do, but really cherish every moment(even the naughty ones!) I can't believe you aren't the one being naughty, so that should tell you how fast the time will fly!! Love them,even if you do want to pull your hair out, because someday you will look back and remember it all through rose colored glasses! You are a FANTASTIC mother and I am sooooo proud of you!Joel's not so bad either:0) Your kids are lucky they have such fun parents!

Rebecca said...

Such sweet pictures, Amber! Sorry to hear you've got cabin feaver... I am 100% with you. Let's try to get together next week. I've been meaning to call you all week and just keep getting side tracked! Is there an indoor playground someplace near you, or even in KC that we could take our toddlers to burn some gas? I know Normy and I both need to get out! Talk to you soon!