Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hic-ups, kicks, and stretching

With every passing week I continue to stretch one more pound, and as I continue stretching just a little bit more than I think is possible, I feel the never ending hic-ups of my sweet unborn child. I feel and treasure each kick to the ribs knowing that an upcoming day, sooner than I'll be expecting, I'll finally get to meet my sweet child that has been stretching and kicking me ever so lovingly. Some dread the stretch marks, and I don't care for the ones I've earned, but my loving husband also reminds me that those marks are of love and great sacrifice; that I'll forever be sexy to him, and although I can't fully comprehend this knowing what my body used to look like, I smile and am thankful that he does truly feel this way or lies well enough to make me still feel good about myself.

Other things that are currently brining a smile to my face is comparing the new born diapers next to Isaac's. It is amazing how fast the memory of itty bitty things come and go.

I have also decorated for Fall with the help of my Mom. I just love my things. I love sitting and looking at all I have accumulated from various places. There is no greater compliment than someone coming into your home for the first time exclaiming that it just feels cozy and that they want to just sit down and enjoy the scenery. I LOVE IT! Now some of you may be thinking that decorating for Fall came a little prematurely but I wanted to get it done before baby 3 came, and really, when you start decorating for Christmas in November there isn't a whole lot of time to enjoy Fall decor. Here are some of my favorite things.

With this chillier weather also brings the urge to bake non stop. There is nothing better than having your house feel just a bit crisp then adding the sweet aroma of fresh baked goodies. LOVE IT! Hope everyone is enjoying the change of weather as much as I am. What a wonderful time to add another bundle of joy to our ever growing family.


Anonymous said...

Your house looks fabulous. Makes me want to get out my fall stuff. Don't ever fret over stretch marks. They are evidence of you helping God with a miracle! :0)

Anonymous said...

LOVE how your home looks! Your mom also helped me with my decorating. I wasn't going to decorate until after Katie's wedding, but I'm so glad to have all my fall stuff out as well. It is a cozy look. Love you, Auntie Kathy

Becca said...

This is just a lovely post, Amber. Your home dec looks so lovely...straight out of a magazine really. I am totally inspired! Happy nesting. I check here every day waiting for some news!