Monday, June 28, 2010

Toy Story 3

When was the last time you went to a movie at the theaters? It doesn't happen often here at the Kellen household for Joel and I let alone taking the kids. It's a shame that something so fun has gotten outrageously expensive! At $10 a pop per person that adds up, and yes I'm one of those people that sneak in treats to prevent spending $4.75 for small box of M&M's when I can buy an entire bag at Target for under $4. I do have a weakness at the movies though, and that is nachos! Ugh. So no matter what some cash is laid down for AMC indulgences. They have done an excellent job by the way of revamping the "movie goodies" section. Not only can you buy your traditional M&M's, Twizzlers, Jr. Mints, etc. but now you have the option of specialty chocolates, lattes, UNO's Pizza, chicken tenders, french fries, cheese sticks, ice cream, beer, wine...on and on. I tell you what though. I wouldn't mind getting away from all of the "extras" and heading out to a good ole' fashion drive in where you can bring your own cooler of goodies for 3x the cost. So, summer bucket list, to the drive in we go!

Pictures from Toy Story 3/ 3D
The Boys Loved it, and I did too!

Isaac has a bit of Ray Charles going on in this one. lol.

Happy Summer!

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