Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The Simple Things

bennion learn[7].jpg

Mom sent this to me the other day and I thought it was worth sharing with everyone! Another reminder to sip my coffee a little slower and enjoy the simpler things in life.

On another note I tried to knit my first Amigurumi animal the other night before the KU basketball game (the key word there is "try"). I find it to be a mixture of a platypus and a bird. *sigh* Practice makes perfect, so, I'll give it another shot. I want to make one for all the kids for a little Valentine's gift. They have so many cute free patters out there. So I give you.........

Blue Bird Platypus

I also couldn't wait to make another beaded leather wrap for my shop, this time it is a single wrap with glass pearls and freshwater seed pearls. The colors are so soft and romantic- a perfect gift for a deserving woman out there! 

What are your kids' favorite breakfast requests? I'm not much of a pancake maker (I'll leave that one to my dad) but I can  make some mean waffles. In fact, if Samuel requests them and I respond with a "not today" he will break down in tears. LOL. Here is a stack of some homemade waffles with a little bit of secret mama ingredients that make them taste SO good!

A sweet lady -by name of Pam- writes on her blog Views From My Kitchen Sink asked her followers to leave her a picture of their view from their kitchen sink for her one year blogging birthday. Don't you just love blogs? I feel like I have many different friends even though I've never met a single one. It allows you to be as personal as you like or as vague as you'd like. You feel like you can really get to know someone by the way they write, the pictures they post, etc. I, for one, am not the worlds greatest writer, but I hope that I do well enough for you all to want to "follow" me. My view from my kitchen sink isn't the prettiest right now. The window needs to be cleaned but I'll share my view anyway. :-)

All the children have been playing and making laps through our house. They feel they are caged in, much as I do. No more puking! I had my dowse of stomach flu this past Friday. One of the worst nights EVER! At one point I just sat there and cried because there was nothing else I could do. I ached from head to toe, shook with chills for hours, and puked and puked and puked and puked.... you get the picture. The only good piece of news was that it lasted 24 hours and then another 24 to feel like a normal person again. Oh! I also lost 5 lbs in two days... not my weight loss plan of choice but it worked. :-) Now I get to play catch-up on homework. The end of this week will bring less stress and hopefully more creativity for my jewelry and more fun knitting projects to try. Have a happy Tuesday and I'll try to post more pictures of my munchkins soon. 


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