Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Wondering what has been going on at the Kellen household lately? 

Here is my new bookshelf that I designed and the hubs built me.

We had a small electrical fire in our house the day after Christmas at the end of our hallway, so once the wall was fixed (still needs paint) I thought this was the perfect opportunity to dress up the end of my hallway going back to our bedroom and laundry/mud room. I have despised this area of my house since the move-in, but now I couldn't be more thrilled! I still need to decorate and arrange the books how I like and I'm just giddy to get busy!! I'll post an after picture once decorated and arranged. 


You know what ISN'T fun to do? Cleaning up barf. Gross. Ugh. Blah. Gag! I don't know what's worse, cleaning up poo or cleaning up barf, but I think I'd rather deal with barf. Another bug has gone through all my children and luckily- thus far - has not gotten the best of Joel and I. My laundry machine has been going nonstop since last Friday and because of all the puke I think it's time to turn my machine to its self cleaning option!

So, what's worse than cleaning up barf?...................
Barf with raisins in it!!!!!

I know, I'm gross right? I mean, who on earth would stop to take a picture of their child's barf? LOL. I guess me. Other moms on the blogosphere always like keeping it real, so this is my contribution to keeping it real. Real moms clean up puke, poo, boogers, and any other disgusting thing you can think of- so here is my tribute to that! :-) 

For those of you didn't know, I have a jewelry blog.... well, a stagnant jewelry blog. So I think I'm going to close up shop and mix in some jewelry posts over here. Managing my Etsy shop, a jewelry blog, my family blog, on top of everything else just isn't realistic. So a merge is in need to keep folks' interest. In ode to my merge I've created a piece that has become extremely popular! You can find these bracelets here for $158, or here for $168.... or at my shop (link above) for $60!!!!!

This is a triple wrap beaded bracelet made with leather cording, turquoise, and cherry/rose quartz. The threading used is NOT your normal thread for sewing. This is bracelet is going to last, so you don't have to worry about raveling and breakage that you might otherwise experience if someone used a sewing thread. 

Other than the above, we are just hanging tight until we aren't barricaded in by snow drifts. So, kitchen here I come and knitting needles lets get busy. 

Happy Snowy Wednesday! 

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Anonymous said...

Love, love, love the bracelet. I guess I'll have to order one. I'm not sure about the colors though. Blue and and green maybe. We'll talk later. I like that you combined your blogs. Happy Wednesday!