Monday, November 06, 2006

Another Monday

Another Monday, and another wonderful day I get to squeeze my little man's sweet little thighs. Joel and I found a shirt that said, "I make chunky thighs look good!" Isn't that the truth? However it was a pink onesie and I thought that wouldn't do well for my son's handsome image, even though Max has a shirt that states "Only real men wear pink." I can hardly believe that Halloween and all its fury went out with a blow of a candle and we are now forced to think about Thanksgiving arrangements and what Christmas gifts to get who! Whoo. My mind has been filled with those notions and contemplations of what my fate will be with the military. My medical board package was FedEx out last Friday, and according to the Admin. Dept. I should have word back within a couple of weeks. In the mean time I filled a claim with the VA of all the medical inconveniences that I have had; all but not limited to: shoulder surgery, gallbladder surgery, the scars I've obtained, the drug allergies I have discovered, etc. Now I am obligated to go through a series of 7 appointments so the VA doctors can give me a once over and decide if they are service related. Today my appointment lasted three hours, which was three hours too long for me. I guess if it's what I have to do to get some extra cash I can suck it up. Coming home to my husband and this little guy will turn my frown upside down every time!It is so amazing what we all can go through. I was fresh out of high school, left everything that was mine in boxes, went into the military by myself, and had to shower with 70 other females (not my most enjoyable experience), and was completely depressed while going through Corps School. Luckily I had my family that gave me the courage and the strength to push forward. If it wasn't for my true love to drop everything to move to Chicago to be with me, I would have been in vast despair and making regular appointments with mental health for deep depression. We all do crazy things when we are in love, and I will try to remind myself of this when my own children leave the nest to find their own way too. But everything works out how it is supposed to; and now my high school sweetheart is my devoted husband and we have a beautiful baby boy who is embedded deep into my heart. Joel and I have done everything on our own, learning from mistakes, and picking ourselves back up laughing the whole way, and that's okay. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

Now when I talking to a few friends back home I realize some of the silly things that worry them on a daily basis, and it reminds me to stay grounded and constantly reevaluate what is really important in the big scheme of things. This is not to take away from anything my friends back home are going through, it's just that once you have been out there on your own (especially more than a state away from family) you gain a whole new perspective, that I believe can only better yourself. Enough of my rambling on, I just wanted to share some of what I have learned through my 4 years in the military. I now give you the star of the show, with grins on his face!


Anonymous said...

That little man is chunking up! Can't wait to get my hands on those thighs! Might have to have a little nibble... He sure is growing fast. I am sure his daddy is really not going to want to head back into the 9-5 world and leave his little guy behind. I am sure they have developed quite a bond. What a precious gift it was for him to have so much time with his young son.
Can't wait to see you all soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amber! Just wanted to let you know that I come and look. So, I'm leaving a comment! :)

Cousin Sarah.