Thursday, November 30, 2006

My Little Athlete

It never fails. I come home from work and swear that my little boy has grown so much in the 9 hours I was gone. He is becoming a little more independent with each passing day and I wish that I could slow down time so that I could watch him grow every inch of that 27" again. What a big boy he is sitting up all by himself, with the occasional tip to the left or right, and even to the back; and today he is really starting the "Army" crawl. I can see the determination in his eyes to get the object, what seems so far away, and low and behold there he is rocking from side to side on his belly to move himself forward. What an accomplishment! Soon Sam will be cruising our pad, and ruling every inch of the carpet. It pains me to have to leave him to go to work, and soon my commitment to the Navy will be over with, and once again I can be with our boy. I am so excited to play Santa in the next years! Christmas is always the one day that it seems we get more than we ask for on our lists, and to enjoy family, family games, and awesome food. I can't even think of a Christmas where I was disappointed or where I wasn't completely excited of a key gift. How lucky most of us are to enjoy the lavish amount of gifts, or even to just enjoy being with our family. This season, lets not forget our military men and women who don't have the luxury to be at home, or to take a moment and talk to our loved ones that passed, and to share our Christmas cheer with them. I want to take the time to tell all that read this blog that Joel, Samuel, and I are truly blessed that we have you in our lives for one reason or another. Each of you have made some impact on how we carry about with our lives, or have made us who we are today. I assure you that all of you cross our minds throughout the year!

And now for the star of the show, wearing his Daddy's number so proud!


Anonymous said...

YOu are so right!! We all are so blessed!! I can tell you that the only thing I really want for Christmas is to get to hold that precious little Sam and squeeze him tight! Just the thought of having a baby in the house again makes all the Christmas magic reappear!!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see you guys!! love you all
~Katie Ikenberry

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited you will be here for christmas! What a cute little head. Time for another therapy session anyone? I'll talk to you soon! :)

Love, Cousin Sarah