Monday, November 27, 2006

Thanksgiving Feast

My goodness you never know how fast the time flies when you have company or when you go on vacation! So I have some updates. Sam is rolling all over the living room, and doing hundreds of crunches a day to keep his manly baby belly. He will lay on his back, then crunch himself up, trying so desperately to come into a full sitting position. Samuel is also very close to sitting up by himself without any padding to ease his fall; however Sam insists on arching his back. He is loving eating baby food, and gets very cranky when it is.....aaalll gone!
Today at his 6 month well baby visit he weighed in at a whopping 16.5 lbs, and is 27 inches long. His extra weight must be contributed by his upgrade to an 8 oz. bottle. When we came to the second part of the doctor's visit I knew Sam would not be a happy camper. The sweat started, followed by flushing of the cheeks, and tears being held back...then the nurse saw my distress and comforted me through it. :-) I handled his shots as best I could, and Samuel did just fine. Sam is my little trooper. We can now have conversations with our little man by grunting and cooing, waiting eagerly for his response. He has no troubles grabbing a hold of objects, including loose neck skin when a tantrum is about to start, and then bringing that object straight for his mouth. I have always called him my little birdy, and now I can see he is always ready for something new to please his soft gummies.

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Anonymous said...

I miss that sweet little man already!! It was great fun to have so much time with him. Give him hugs and kisses from me!!