Thursday, September 07, 2006

Back to Tummy

Where to begin? I was planning on maintaining this blog during my less stressful work day, but apparently I don't have "sufficient security privileges" to download the needed software to transfer pictures from our camera to my desktop. That is a little irritating...So I guess I will type what I have to say for the day at work, then once I get home add the pictures I intended on using. For those of you that read Becca's blog I was jealous to find out that Normy rolled over before Sam. Sam hates tummy time, and some may think that I don't leave him on his tummy long enough; however, if I do not rescue my little man after 3-5 minutes of his tantrum he gets boogers and slobber all over his face. How you might ask - well when he starts to get really heated he proceeds to rub his face into the blankey laid out under him and blows through his nose. A lovely picture! For the longest time Sam choose to roll completely to his side on his right, and then found out he could do the same on his left. Then the other night while Joel and I were laying on the floor talking to him he finally kicked both feet over. Unfortunately his pop-it-bead arm was still in his way, but with a couple more strong kicks he finally accomplished what he has been trying to do for almost a month - rolled over - then he got extremely mad that he ended up on his tummy! Funny huh?

On a more frustrating note we are going to have to try and change our munchkin's sleep routine. For the past 5 days he has been waking up at 2:30 AM wanting an early snack. This just will not do. Most of the time he has had his final bottle around 8:00 PM and is sleeping no later than 8:45. I know I should try to keep him up longer but he gets mighty cranky, and mom is tired too! And at 2:30 AM his binkey or "NUK-NUK" just doesn't seem to do the trick for him. I have a sneaky suspicion that breaking him of this early morning snack will be hell for a good 5 days. Any tips for a smooth transition?

Wish us luck!


Anonymous said...

I think you should give our precious little man whatever he wants!!! :0) So easy to say as a grandparent!! Maybe he justs feels like talking... I know that I haven't been sleeping all that great either. If he were here, we could keep each other company! Keep putting him on his tummy... the madder he gets the quicker he will figure out how to roll from tummy to back. Once he learns that... look out. He will be mobile enough to roll all over the apartment!

Anonymous said...

Hey Amber!

I am so glad you started blogging! Not only is it a great way to keep in touch with family, but it is a wonderful outlet for Mommy. I love the pictures of Sammy. What a good looking baby! No wonder Granny Lynne is so proud! I bet it’s been hard going back to work. I’m sure it also makes you appreciate the time you have with Sam even more. I must admit, there are days that I CAN NOT WAIT for Jacob to get home so that I can have a reprieve from Normy. The kid is my heart, buy Mom needs a break too, you know?

Don’t be jealous of Norm’s flipping over. It has only happened a handful of times! Norman HATES tummy time too. I think many babies do. As for you midnight feedings, I don’t have any advice. Normmy does the same thing. He sleeps great in my opinion; every night he is asleep by 8:30 or 9:00 and will sleep solid until about 2:30 or 3:30 when he needs a snack; then it’s back to sleep until about 6:30! That means a lot of sleep for me, plus some quiet time before I go to bed myself. It’s been interesting trying to get him on a schedule, and now that we’re going to Korea all that work will be undone!

Good luck with your little man! I’ll be checking back in on guys!

Love, Becca