Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Photo Friendly

This past weekend seem to go by in a blur of activities. Now that I am fully back at work, I have come to love my "liberty" (Navy term for time off) more than I can possibly describe. After my day at work I rush home to strip off my commitment to get into civilian clothes ASAP! I then escape from my adult persona to relax in munchkin land, trying to find out which funny face or sounds make him laugh more. He seems to love his self image, so we spend countless minutes in the bathroom talking to the mirror. I just can't get enough of his smile, the way his eyes squint, or the endless amount of drool that slides off of his lips. Daddy makes him especially giggly by saying "You're just a little guy!" while mama bounces him closer to his daddy. Saturday was started off by baths all around and getting dressed for our family pictures at the mall. On the way I was giving him a bottle in the back seat so that his tum tum would be nice and full so we could be as happy as can be once we got there. Unfortunately, Sam fell fast asleep in the process. Rushing into the mall, to make it to our studio shoot on time, everyone was sporting smiles and excited to work with the photographer. Sam wasn't buying the ladies attempted funny sounds; so mama and daddy had to jump in to work our magic, while jumping out of the way so she could get the much deserved smiles we worked so hard to get. I thought that this was going to be a very smooth process until Mr. Crabby Apple came. Daddy jumped on top of that by offering the rest of the bottle while the lady switched backdrops. Uh-oh, I thought. I bet you can guess how happy Sam was when the bottle was then taken away from him, and how we expected him to be tickled pink to continue shooting more pictures...NO WAY JOSE!! We then proceeded to feed him the bottle for 10 minutes until I could distract him enough to get the remaining 7 shots. UGH, enough of that for one day!
Uncle Bill, Cousin Sarah and Caleb came to visit later that night so that they could see Sam's amazing rolling ability and to prove that he was the slobber king of the household. It was a nice visit talking about the all important nothings that make us happy. Sunday was all day finals between Joel and I, and am I sure happy those are over and done with. Then Monday morning was filled with deep cleaning followed by my cross-stitching to try and finish up Sam's Christmas stocking and daddy playing play station and working his fantasy baseball league. Woo hooo.


Anonymous said...

Our little boy is so cute! I love how you can see his new peach fuzz growing in! Before long he might have hair like cousin Jacob! Can't wait to squeeze the puddin out of our precious boy! Can't wait to get his picture in the mail!
Love to all.

Anonymous said...

Amber! I'm glad you got a blog it's so easy to check and see what's new with the Kellen fam! Sam is A D O R A B L E!

mucho love,

Aunt Kathy L.