Friday, September 08, 2006


I was so excited last night for my little man...not only can he roll over from his back to tummy, he now knows how to go from back to tummy then back onto his back. Now he just rolls aimlessly around the living room like a wandering tumbleweed. He is also getting very strong because when he is on his tummy he can push himself clear up with his hands. This followed by a big grin and a look eager to hear approval from mommy and daddy. Oh I'm so excited! There really is nothing greater than seeing the being you created learn new tricks from month to month. Who knew that I would eventually, truly, understand a mother's love for her children. Wow, what an experience. Mom, I now know the love you have for me; and now that I can feel it for my child, it brings tears to my eyes knowing just how you feel for me. I'm so glad that you have become my most dearest friend!

Photos will be posted either tonight or on Saturday. Actually this Saturday is my hubbie's 23rd birthday and he isn't quite sure what he is wanting to do. Perhaps a breakfast outing to Wildberry Cafe.(Sorry about this I'm trying to do a link and I haven't quite figured it out yet. Ugh, stupid technology.This is one of our most favorite cafe to eat breakfast, and we have taken just about everyone who has come to visit us to eat there. Yum. Yum. Depending on what my birthday boy wants to do on his birthday maybe we'll have a jaunt down to the Lincoln Park Zoo. Sam will surely be captivated by the animals, not to mention the weather up here has been phenomenal! Toodles for now and I'll have pictures up hopefully by tonight.


Anonymous said...

There really is no greater love than between mother and child. Sometimes it is hard to forget that we are blessed to be given children to care for, but they are only ours for awhile, then they will want to fly away. I watched you fly away, and my heart ached like nothing I had ever felt before. It healed, and now I get the great joy of watching my baby mother her baby. You are an incredible mother to our precious little Sam. He is so lucky!!!! Love him as much as you can!!!
Thanks for the nice words meant for me. I truly do love you so much!! And I can't wait to witness the amazing Sam roll himself all over the room!!

Anonymous said...

Look out! Sam's on a ROLL!

;-) Becca

Anonymous said...


awww your note was so sweet. I have told my kids they will never fully realize the love a Mother has for their child until they hold their baby for the first time. It is so true. Unimaginable love it is. So happy for SAM! haha Looking forward to more pics! We love to come look and get so excited when there is a new one! woohoo!

Much love~

Kathy L.

p.s. tell joel happy birthday!